Time to say goodbye


Emmett Schindler, Editor-in-chief

Well, this is it. Yes, I know I just used a hit word, but for my last time, I’m breaking ALL the rules. This past three years as a staff member of The Chant have been truly amazing. Through my experience, I have found my passion, learned so much about writing and editing, and made so many friends along the way. This year, I couldn’t have had a better group of people to lead as your Editor-in-Chief. So, without further ado, I’ll start with the people I started this all with.
Kat- This publication would not be a thing without you. Yeah, all the papers get through me and technically I run the site, but without you, I don’t think we’d still be a news website. We’ve been through so much, from going to the Grady Games together to crying over editing enterprise stories. Thank you for everything Kat, I already know you’re going to do amazing things moving on and I can’t wait to see you back in the pub office one day.
Michael- the sports G.O.A.T. Whenever we needed a sport covered, you were there. You took complete control of the sports page and turned it into an ongoing routine to publish all types of sports at NC, which is something The Chant has struggled with. Don’t party too hard at Southern and lastly, thanks for not being too good at football so you could catch everything that happened from the sidelines ;).
Autumn- Getting to know you was one of the most interesting parts of being on staff. I loved talking to you in the pub office about the most random stuff ever. Through writing, your voice is so powerful, I really see a future with you in some sort of writing, please do not let this skill deteriorate. Keep that crazy laugh of yours alive, I’ll miss you Fall (lol see what I did there).
Melissa- Your dynamic duo with Autumn really brought me back to the Sarsh days. Anyways, your drive for this publication amazes me and I was so confident when handing you over the features editor position. Your passions truly show in your writing, whether it was about dogs or jeans. One thing I’ll always miss is that smell of fish at the beginning of every class.
Gabby- It’s funny to stand with you here now after living next to each other for nearly 18 years and not being the best of friends. Nonetheless, I’m so glad we got to become really great friends while working with you the last two years. You have an opinion on every subject, so the opinions editor position was waiting for you. Continue being who you are, I think it’ll get you far in life.

Dylan- You already know what I’m going to say to you. You got my vote buddy, I promise.
Gracie- I really wish you had joined staff at an earlier year because you really made an impact on staff. I’ve never seen a staff so determined to update their blogs once you became blogs editor, it really made our site look a lot better. I will always remember your mascot story last year as one of my true favorites.
Chloe- I can hear the sass in your voice as I type this. You brought life and great conversation to the pub office, which even though sparked massive debate sometimes, it was a great ice breaker for the staff. I will always remember your enterprise stories as being some of the most powerful and inspirational stories I read as EIC. Also, if you ever want to talk movies, again, I’m always down.
Nadya- Your additions to The Chant made us look ten times better; those photos were on point girl. I wish you could have been on staff my last semester; I had to take over the pub office DJ position since Chloe was lacking. Please come back on staff and keep making our football games pleasantly appealing to look at.
Andrew- I have to say that until you joined this last semester, The Chant had never seen a secretary on staff, or as I would like to call it, “Assistant to the EIC.” Even though half the time you were pestering me about Lorde, Bishop Briggs, or Papa’s Bakeria, I couldn’t see this last semester without you. You were always on top of photo of the day if someone was out and always kept me intrigued with your writing. You’ll always have that spot next to me in the pub office, and moving forward, get rid of all of that “hooplah.”
Sam- Mr. Smith; I call you that because I never learned so much from anyone else on staff. You always brought interesting facts, stories, and ideas to me that always left me thinking. Keep writing; I know that might not be on the top of your college to do lists, but you are one of the strongest writers I’ve read, don’t let that skill go to waste.
Denise- Don’t worry, I published your enterprise. Thank you for keeping me in check with your stories, I don’t know if I would ever be able to remember to edit or publish them. I got very happy when you told me you were going to join staff, as we’ve been pretty good friends since that freshman year bundle. I really enjoyed being on staff with you and hope you keep in touch!
Mackenzie- Your time on staff brought a lot more to The Chant than you think. As our cross country enthusiast, you informed me and the school a lot more about the sport than I knew before. Flagler’s going to be so awesome, and if they have a newspaper, join it! If they don’t, start one!
Josh- I really loved the consistency in your podcasts. We’ve always had those on the site, but never a consistent process of a certain type of podcast. Thank you for letting my SkillsUSA team do that feature on you, and keep being one of the best at basketball, it’s quite impressive what you are doing right now.
Rebecca- Our national honor’s society enthusiast! Thank you for keeping the school up to date with all the important NHS details. Also, I really wish you had joined earlier! Your passion impressed me and I know you’ll carry that onto something great.
Rachel H- another late bloomer to join staff. Even though you were only with us for one semester, you brought a completely new thing to the site: the weather forecast! I know you’re very passionate about meteorology; go tell the weather and be great at it (not like Josh’s dad from Drake and Josh).
Courtney- Even though I only got to experience one semester with you, I’m glad I at least got to get to know who you are. You show potential of being a fantastic writer and I know if you continue to be on staff, you’ll develop into the next Nellie Bly. Also, your next greatest accomplishment will be winning an award at GSPA, just wait.
Rachel M- You have an eye for photography, I can see you one day taking photos for something great. I hope if you continue to be on staff that you always keep your eye out for possible story or photo ideas and keep bringing fresh ideas to The Chant.
Lindsey- Without your daily words of encouragement, plus whatever national day it was, I don’t know how I’d be able to function. You brought a laugh and a smile to my face every day, helping me get through my last semester of senior year. I’m disappointed that you’re leaving us next year, but I hope that one day you realize how big of a mistake you made and hope there’s a spot for you the next year.
Harrison- Your writing is already spectacular and on its way to be some of the best The Chant has seen. I wanted to let you know that I’m still listening to your personalized Pandora station. It’s so good.
Bahaar- Thank you for giving me loads of laughs and fun times in the pub office. Even though you’ll be leaving us for good, you added so much to The Chant while you were here. Now, go do great things at Pebblebrooke.
Shannon- The one thing I couldn’t stop thinking about when you first joined staff was how much you and your sister look alike. But now, even though you two are very similar, I truly valued what you brought on staff and can’t wait to see how you do as an editor next year. Keep working!
Esteban- This is the first time I’ve ever witnessed a staff member bring in his or her own chair into the pub office. It’s also the first time there’s been a chair a lot better than mine. Use that chair to keep producing interesting and well-developed pieces, while taking photos out of this world.
Leda- One thing I can easily tell from you is how much this publication means to you. Being on staff for awhile, this means a lot. The passion you have for this transfers to your articles and I can’t wait to see it transfer to your editing. Always keep pushing Leda, and always keep that amazing smile on your face.
Khalil- I knew the day you walked in that you’d end up as the sports editor, mainly because of my memory of seeing you in that first day of fantasy sports club. I loved talking and even arguing about sports with you and the writing you produced, sports or politics, is already impressive. That laugh is something else, man.
Jacob- One of my most fond memories from The Chant comes from watching the Birthday Movie with you and some of the other staff members. Without Dwayne Conyers, I don’t know where I’d be today. You gave the staff another powerful voice and I love how you really came out of your shell because getting to know you was really awesome. Being copy editor is fun, but remember it’s also lots of responsibility. You got this.
Tara- Well, honestly, I didn’t think I’d be passing my wand down to you. But, after seeing your efforts, passion, drive, and enthusiasm on The Chant, I knew there was no one better to fill the spot. You’re already so well-developed in writing and photography that I know you’ll be ready to take on any task the EIC position brings. Have fun, run this publication like no other, and most importantly, keep doing what you do best: making people proud.
I love you all. This was the closest experience I’ve ever had to having children. Even though actual kids will have to wait (a long time), I cherished every day in there with you guys and will miss it more than anyone will know. So for the last time, goodbye to The Chant, and hello to a whole new chapter in my life.