Drama Club rebirth: new drama board takes action


Isabella Keaton

Drama Club begins its meeting with volunteers performing their monologues for helpful feedback from other peers. Senior and Drama Club president Jordan Hicks prepares students for what their real audition will be like. “The enthusiasm in students is so amazing this year, I can’t wait for them to nail their auditions,” Hicks said.

Isabella Keaton, Reporter, Photographer

Drama Club began their year with a new leadership board and fresh ideas to keep students involved in the theatre community.

Senior Jordan Hicks, junior Hope Kutsche, junior Isabella Keaton, and sophomore Deandre Mallory planned multiple meetings over summer to discuss their overall plans for this school year. After putting hard work into something they love, the drama board sees more participation and energy in students this year.

“Whenever we want to make a decision, we ask for each other’s opinions and how we should go about things. We are very good at communicating,” VP of Drama Club Hope Kutsche said.

Each Wednesday, when the club meets, drama board introduces new lessons such as stage combat, choreography, or musical theatre. The previous meeting included a workshop on how to audition and how to prepare for an audition. Graduated NC students and also former Drama Club members Katherine Shambaugh and Jordan Warren also came to give feedback, helpful tips, and join in on the the fun.

Within an hour, the students became well informed on how to audition and what to bring to an audition.

“It’s amazing to see so much participation and enthusiasm in the students, and I’m so glad we changed our meetings from twice a month to every Wednesday. It is a constant schedule and encourages more participation,” Drama Club president Jordan Hicks said.

Improvisation, a technique that Drama Club uses during most meetings, gives students the chance to think fast on their feet. Games such as Freeze, Bus Stop, Change, and other partner games all use improv and help students work on the skill.

“My favorite thing about Drama Club is probably improv because it helps you get out of your comfort zone,” sophomore Gabby Gilchrist said.

Kutsche came up with the idea of performing a children’s show alongside Drama Club. Drama board will put on the show in NC’s Black Box theatre, and incorporate new members or members who will not be able to participate in other shows during the year.

Drama Club makes fundraising a priority for its program with activities such as car washes and possible camps taking place to raise the necessary funds for this years upcoming shows.

Deandre Mallory, fundraising director, worked with the drama board to put annual club dues into place. The annual fee for Drama club costs $10, with other spending opportunities for merchandise such as T-shirts, water bottles, and drawstring bags available as well.

“I feel that fundraising will be efficient this year compared to other years because even though I’m the director of fundraising, the rest of the board is also helping to plan all of these amazing fundraising events,” Mallory said.

Sophomore and fundraising director Deandre Mallory discusses scheduling for future car wash dates in September with Candice Corcoran, Drama Club sponsor. They plan to bring in funds to support their upcoming One-Act performance of Hands on a Hardbody. “I’m so excited to see the car wash happen and finally bring in the money we need,” Mallory said.

Drama teacher Candice Corcoran runs drama club alongside the leadership board. Popularly known as “Oz,” Corcoran puts all her effort into theatre. She fell in love with the art of acting at a young age, and continues to give back to the theatre community by teaching and promoting the art.

“I love acting, and I also enjoy giving back. I coached for many years, all throughout college, and at first was at college for something completely different. I decided that didn’t make me happy, so I took something that I was already doing that I love, and combined it with coaching,” Corcoran said.

Drama Club, a place for students to reach outside their comfort zones, plans on meeting every Wednesday for the rest of the year. The board hopes to see new students join and become a part of the club.

“I think high school is a hard time for teenagers, and I think in theatre it allows you not only play with character, but play with feelings in different ways and come out of your shell. We aren’t judgemental in here because in here because we get it. We get that some of it is acting, and some of it is you. I think students should come out and try it,” Corcoran said.