Mango Tree’s fresh, new owners serve fresher, newer smoothies


Esteban Alarcon

Olivia Graham orders the renowned Acai Bowl as she enjoys the welcoming environment of The Mango Tree. The humble smoothie shop recently switched owners with a bright future ahead. New owners Kendall and Mackenzie Vance plan to grow and better this business by investing in love and putting a smile on each customer’s face.

Esteban Alarcon, Opinions Editor

The community renowned fruit juice bar, The Mango Tree, faced a chance of closing down, until wife and husband Mackenzie and Kendall Vance purchased and rejuvenated the humble smoothie shop to its prime. The Mango Tree now flourishes with a promising future due to this young couple’s hope and hard work.

Mackenzie majored in Exercise Sciences at Kennesaw State University (KSU), sparking her interest in this shop of health based products, while Kendall took up accounting as a profession, also at KSU. After graduating, the two young entrepreneurs married, making a loveable couple and the ideal team to manage the nutritional quality of smoothies and the lucrative financials of The Mango Tree.

On a summer day that called for one of The Mango Tree’s famous acai bowls and smoothies, Mrs. Vance learned about the shop’s plans to close from the previous owner. The franchise simply did not allow a balance between business and personal affairs, forcing the owner to close the doors for good. Mr. and Mrs. Vance eagerly stepped up and made one of the best decisions of their lives.

“After a lot of thought and prayer, Kendall and I decided to take over the business,” said Mackenzie Vance.

Mackenzie and Kendall Vance purchased the humble business in April 2017 and re-opened on May 6 with a bright future ahead. Plans to expand, grow, and improve The Mango Tree flourish from the young couple.

Mr. and Mrs. Vance intend to publicize the low-key shop, along with enhancing the overall environment of the small bar.

“We are trying to create a more inviting environment that makes customers come in, enjoy a smoothie, bowl, juice, or snack, while hanging with some friends or finishing up a few assignments,” Mackenzie said.

Since the grand re-opening, customers and employees notice the evident improvements of the smoothie bar throughout its rebirth.

“Since Mackenzie took over, the advertisement of The Tree has grown. Acai Bowls are more popular too! She’s so great, and I’m so glad to be working with her,” said Faye Noorman, a recent NC graduate and loyal employee of both Mango Tree owners.

Customers leave with smiles on their faces and healthy smoothies in their hands after being served by Mackenzie in the new-and-improved Mango Tree. Whether on the way back from the gym, or just casually swinging by to hang out and grab a quick snack, these smoothie drinkers never experience disappointment at the smoothie shop.

Surprisingly enough, The Mango Tree stands as the first company owned by Mackenzie and Kendall, but the power couple manages the shop like Wall Street caliber CEOs.

When asked about her goal with the growing smoothie shop, Mackenzie responded with hope and love:

“Our prayer in owning Mango Tree is that individuals would enter in and feel welcomed and loved. It may just be a smoothie and juice bar, but we strive to use every opportunity we can to glorify Jesus and love those around us.”