NC wins against Etowah with one second to spare


Nadya Awino

Last Friday, the Warriors traveled to Etowah High School to take on the Eagles. Both teams, 1-0 for the season, fought to gain their second victory of the season. “You already know we’re going to do our best on the field, I have no doubt we’ll win,” senior linebacker Trey Cabble (#10) said.

Chloe Roberson, Features Editor

NC’s varsity football team fought a hard battle facing off with Etowah High School on Friday. This moves the NC Football Team to 2-0 on the season, with their previous win against Cherokee High School.

“We killed last week’s game and we will do it again,” senior Jayden Bourne said.

To recap, NC dominated over Cherokee with intense determination and perseverance. The defense led the way with two defensive touchdowns, a safety, and a score on special teams. NC lead 30-0 at halftime and inevitably won the game with an outstanding 44-6.

Nevertheless, NC continued their winning streak, taking an early lead in the first quarter. Etowah then responded with three touchdowns, taking a 21-7 lead at halftime.

However, this lead did not last as a result of touchdowns scored by junior running back Deondre Ferguson, junior offensive and defensive specialist Christian Singleton, and senior middle linebacker Trey Cabble.   

 Moreover, when the game tied at 21 points in the fourth quarter and Etowah driving the NC 33-yard line, Etowah’s quarterback Patrick Ferris fumbled in the pocket.

After failing to recover from the fumble, NC Warriors kicked the ball further back by other players, finally scooped up by Cabble, who returned it the remaining 25 yards for a touchdown and a 28-21 lead.

“I felt when they fumbled this late in the game whoever received it was going to win the whole game,” senior Kevin Rodriguez said.

 In the end, NC ran their two-minute offense perfectly, despite the fact that the team committed 13 penalties totaling 120 yards, and Etowah fumbled the ball six times, losing two of them.

 Although Etowah called three timeouts in a row, junior Anthony Rodriguez kicked a winning 39-yard field goal with only one second left on the clock.

“I was very on edge since they called three timeouts, but it was pointless, they only delayed our inevitable win,” senior Rylan Kelly said.  

Nadya Awino
Junior kicker Anthony Rodriguez (#28) lead the team at the kickoff during the third quarter. Rodriguez, the tenth ranked kicker in the nation, scored the winning field goal in the last few seconds of the game, pushing the score to 38-35. NC took home their second win, maintaining their undefeated status for the season.