Magnet students serve up successful potluck dinner


Magnet coordinator David Stephenson speaks on the year to come, touching on the various travel opportunities available to students, and how they can become involved in other programs at the school. He also stressed his availability for anyone with questions they need answered throughout the year.

Joshua Dawson, Videographer

On August 29th, NC hosted its annual Magnet potluck dinner in the Freshman Academy cafeteria with scores of Magnet students in attendance.

“I really enjoyed the entire event. As a Magnet senior I’ve experienced a lot the Magnet program has to offer, but hearing about what the new students in the program could look forward to, I was taken back. All in all it was nice to celebrate the Magnet program with some good friends,” senior Ian McCullough said.

Each year, Magnet students start with a bang and almost immediately dive into classes that encourage them to think and challenge them academically. The sense of community inside most Magnet classes showed at the annual Magnet potluck dinner, with its overwhelming crowd of students. Assigned a specific food item by groups of last names, magnet families brought dishes for a family style buffet to celebrate the start of the new school year.

Two of the lunchroom tables spent the evening covered in foods, which reflected the cultural heritage of those who brought it. One family brought moin moin, a traditional steamed bean pudding from Nigeria.

“It was great to see all of the families get together and share a meal,” magnet clerk Ann Ellis said.

The gathering of students and their families allowed for certain important speakers and announcements. Magnet coordinator David Stephenson and Magnet adviser James Auld talked about the start of the new year, and what the students should expect in the following months. Then, the president of the Magnet foundation Tiffany Dixon spoke to introduce new families to what the magnet foundation does and what it helps sponsor throughout the year.

The students and families heard from upperclassmen with some helpful advice. Sophomore Chandler Quaille spoke on what the the freshmen could expect in both 9th and 10th grade. Senior Josh Dawson spoke about how students can navigate through their junior and senior years of Magnet, as well as some of the travel opportunities that the magnet program can present.

At the end of the night, Mr. Stephenson thanked those in attendance, and promised them all a fantastic year.