Aviation Park soars into Kennesaw


Chloe Roberson

Aviation Park will open in early 2018 at the corner of Barrett Lakes Boulevard and Cobb Place Boulevard.

Chloe Roberson, Features Editor

Kennesaw continues to progress the construction of a new park called Aviation Park, which will add much needed green space to the surrounding areas and offer the community additional outdoor possibilities that combine old-fashioned fun with access to modern recreation when opened in early 2018.

“I guess now we’ll have two places to skateboard instead just of Swift. It was getting kinda boring, ” senior Ayi Ajavon said.

The introduction for this new addition came to pass when ARCADIS, a global leader in developing natural and constructed assets, drafted and presented the Aviation Park Programming Analysis and Report in late 2015.

The report included a design synopsis, potential permits needed for the project, a preliminary cost estimate, and a preliminary design and construction schedule.

Nevertheless, the Cobb County Board of Commissioners approved this plan on April 26, 2016.

The goal of this project remains to transform a high-profile but under-utilized green space to an aviation-themed park, located at the corner of Barrett Lakes Boulevard and Cobb Place Boulevard, adjacent to the end of the Cobb International Airport runway.

In addition, Aviation Park promises to feature an open space for airplane viewing, a playground, parking, restrooms and a public art display. This area will also feature a docking station for the Zagster Town Center Bike Share Program added in November 2015.

Currently, the construction of groundbreaking elements continues with more than 50% of all equipment and structures installed. Moreover, the park’s total estimated costs will stand at 2.75 million dollars.

“I’m really excited for this park, I mean I go to Swift almost once a week, so having something closer to my house should be even better,” senior Alisandra James said.