Interact Club partners up with MUST Ministries


Natalia Alvarez

Interact Club encourages NC students to donate hygiene items to the homeless, collecting donations through September 22nd in room 210. The club partnered up with MUST Ministries to provide necessary products to those in need. Several club member begin to bring in donations, filling several bags.

Natalia Alvarez, Reporter, Photographer

NC’s Interact Club partnered up with MUST Ministries to provide hygiene products to the homeless. Those in need come to the ministries in search of assistance and basic necessities. MUST Ministries, a volunteer-driven organization, provides the less fortunate with opportunities and love.

“Donations go to homeless individuals that go to the church seeking help and I feel that everyone at one point in time is in the position to donate and give back to the community,” Interact Club sponsor and AP Psychology teacher Will Hargis said.

Interact chose to work with MUST Ministries because of involvement and sponsorship with NC.

“We felt that we should be a reciprocal in helping them out,” Hargis said.

Donations began on September 5th and will continue through the 22nd in room 210. After the donation period, club members will take products to the organization’s drop off location in Kennesaw.

Items needed include: deodorant, hair care items, soap, razors, mouthwash, and makeup. MUST Ministries asks that all products contain no alcohol, specifically mouthwash.

As Interact’s first year working with MUST Ministries, the club hopes to collect sufficient donations and involvement to continue working with MUST ministries.

“It’s a good start to the year and something new we are trying, it’s the first time we are doing a fundraiser in the fall,” Hargis said.