Drama Club hosts carwash fundraiser


Isabella Keaton

Junior Chloe Vernex-Loset, senior Jordan Hicks, and sophomore Deandre Mallory all hold signs to bring in more cars. With each car costing $5 and each truck/van costing $10, students washed over 50 vehicles. In total, Drama Club raised $515.

Isabella Keaton, Reporter, Photographer

Saturday September 9th, NC’s Drama Club hosted a carwash at Sonic to fundraise for their upcoming show Hands On a Hardbody. Students washed cars for $5, and trucks and vans for $10. After washing almost 50 cars, they raised a total of $515, topping their goal of $350.

“I’m happily surprised that so many people donated and didn’t get their cars washed. Some of those people that came over said they were going to go get the car washed across the street and out of the goodness in their hearts, they came to us instead. Also so many people from our theatre community came to support so I am so thankful,” Drama Club adviser Candice Corcoran said.

The students and Drama Club adviser, Ms. Corcoran, arrived at Sonic on Cobb Parkway at 10 in the morning, and started washing cars right away. As they brought in customers, students made posters and danced on the sidewalk. Business started booming after 11:30 and cars began lining up. More hands came in at 12:00 when the second shift started, and even Corcoran started cleaning cars.

Members of drama board, senior Jordan Hicks, junior Isabella Keaton, and sophomore Deandre Mallory all participated along with all the other Drama Club members. Impressed by all the hard work put into the event, drama board enjoyed planning the carwash that also created bonds between students.

“I think it was fun because it was a chance for us all to get together in an out of school environment and be able to bond and let loose and not be under the stress of school,” sophomore Savanna Wiggins said.

Isabella Keaton
Sophomore Gabby Gilchrist helps Corcoran by adding soap into the bucket for cleaning cars. Gilchrist, surprised by how many cars came, loved helping her friends clean cars for the Drama Club.

Corcoran, amazed by all the progress made, watches Drama Club rise after not fundraising at all last year. Mallory, fundraising director, an important asset to the team, continues pitching more ideas for fundraisers throughout the year. Students look forward to what will come at them next, and prepare to put all their effort into it.

“Being that this car wash fundraiser we just had turned out so well, the participation is high and I feel like future fundraisers would have a greater impact because it can get more people involved and we can raise a lot more money and do a lot more things with the money we’ve got,” Mallory said.

Future fundraising events consist of selling concessions before future shows, such as One-Act, and “fan-o-grams” which sell for $1 after performances that allows the audience to leave notes to the actors and performers. Another car wash also may occur after the musical in the spring since this past one went so well.

Drama board plans to compose more events and bring more students together while supporting NC’s Standing Ovation. As they prepare for upcoming shows, drama board members contain their newfound excitement from the incredible amount of funds brought in from the carwash.