Regressive representation


Morgan Brown, Reporter, Photographer

The rally cry of entire revolutions stem from a need for representation. With a democratic system based on the people’s participation, a system built on the backs of the people and not corporations, serves to remind us that representation holds the utmost significance now more than ever. Current elections, though, garner skepticism that citizen’s opinions and votes do not matter.

The past United States election highlighted the problems with the democratic system in the US and how people rightfully did not approve of candidates chosen for them.

“ I know for sure Donald Trump doesn’t stand for what I stand for, I think he’s very backwards,” senior Victoria Thomas said.

Politician, a word synonymous with liar, calls the entire system into question and refutes the argument for party politics.  Party politics dismays individuality within candidates and encourages them to take money from private entities and companies, regardless of their personal wealth or beliefs. These corrupt dealings contribute to “the swamp” that lingers within Washington.

With the only options for presidential candidates residing within the Republican and Democratic party, the polarizing of opinions or political stances grows increasingly important to party leaders.

Ironically, the will of the people remains anything but cut and dry. Somewhere in the middle of the radical extremes lies the wishes and intent of the people.  In a system that prides itself in the representation of its people, American democracy lies far below the bar.

“These politicians claim to make things better but end up making it worse,” Thomas said.

A call for change resonates within the people. Protests, speeches, and continued fighting act as a catalyst for change and fuel for the media cycles which stand unrelentingly brutal.

Time holds the only solution to the wounds of our nation. As generations reach voting age and act against the system, change will occur. With new candidates rising, so may a new party, as well as new representation.  The only issue now lies with the waiting, but hopefully not for long.