Mr. Revard eyes positive changes on campus through new admin position


Nneoma Igwedibie

Mr. Revard discusses vision for The Tribe app with junior Alex Flack.

Sophia Mackey, Reporter, Artist

Tribal Connections adviser and former AP US History teacher Stephen Revard makes the transformation from teacher to administrator this year after his love for North Cobb pushed him to further his involvement and pursue advanced opportunities..

“I’ve been inspired by our current administrative team through witnessing the positive impact they’ve had here at NCHS. As a result, I expressed interest in wanting to make a similar impact on our campus,” Revard said.

This change in position proves to be more than just a promotion for Revard. In fact, Revard “doesn’t consider [his] new position a promotion” at all.

“Teachers, clerical, custodial and support staff have the most important jobs in the school. My job is to provide the support and resources they need to be successful,” Revard said.

Unlike his previous teaching job, Revard no longer spends his day in the classroom. However, the positives of this change outweigh the negatives. Revard says his administrative position gives him “an opportunity to gain a different perspective.”

Despite the drastic switch, Revard felt prepared and unafraid going into the job.

“I am surrounded by a great people who can help me work through anything,” Revard said.

Revard plans to help North Cobb maintain its success through his new administrative position.

“I want NCHS to continue being a model for the community through our academic rigor and great school climate,” Revard said.

With his passion for the community and North Cobb’s excellence, Revard believes we can continue to build a bright future.

Revard says, “I am only successful through our students and staff. Their success becomes our success because we are all in this together. I look forward to doing whatever I can to provide everyone with the resources they need to make it happen.”


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