Catlin draws her way to victory in Magnet T-shirt contest


Harrison Glaze

The Magnet Foundation held a competition for students to design of the annual t-shirt, their largest fundraiser of the year. Sales remain open through tomorrow.

Harrison Glaze, Reporter, Cartoonist

The NC Magnet program announced the winner of its annual T-shirt contest on Monday, October 9. Would-be student designers competed against one another for the grand prize of seeing their design on the year’s official Magnet T-shirt. This year, sophomore Taylor Catlin emerged victorious, with a drawing that depicted four linked arms of various skin tones extended over a globe.

“We live in a very politically upset climate where people are made fun of for their race,” Catlin said. “I wanted to do something that promoted unity within, and I know Magnet is a very diverse program, and I wanted to represent that.”

Her design won overwhelmingly over three other contenders; all submissions from students within the program.

“They were all well thought-out and interesting,” Magnet adviser James Auld said. “We think [Catlin’s design] raises the diversity of our Magnet school and the North Cobb community.”

Catlin first took an interest in competing upon receiving an iPad with graphics tablet capabilities as an early birthday present.

“I hadn’t been [using the iPad], so this contest is kind of an incentive for me to begin drawing and keep drawing,” Catlin said.

In addition to providing an outlet for students to pursue their artistic talents, the T-shirt contest serves as the single largest fundraiser for the Magnet program and its associated foundation. This allows NC to continue offering the activities and unique opportunities that form a cornerstone of the Magnet experience.

“It’s the largest Magnet Foundation fundraiser for the year. It brings in hopefully 2,000 dollars that we can use for programming. It enables our kids to be able to go see really important things that add to the curriculum,” Auld said.

Magnet T-shirts remain available for purchase from students through tomorrow, Tuesday, October 24.