Netflix shows to never sleep on


Rachel Maxwell

Digging down deep into Netflix, one can find the real golden, underappreciated series such as The OA, Freaks and Geeks, Scream, Between, and Black Mirror.

Rachel Maxwell, Social Media Manager

A typical weekend of binge-watching Netflix shows consists of replaying the same overrated series the popular television alternative offers. By digging down deep into the website, where the underappreciated— but pure golden series lie— one can stray from the mainstream selection.

THE OA: Back in December 2016, the Netflix original, The OA made its debut. The executive producer of the show, Brit Marling, also played the main character of the thrilling mystery. The story revolves around a missing blind girl known as Prairie. After disappearing for seven years, Prairie returns home, now with full sight. Scared of revealing details of what happened in the seven years of her absence, Prairie refuses conversation and isolates herself from the police and her family. Instead, she meets a group of friends who try and help her save the others still trapped with the man who kidnapped them. Not well known, this show does not get the recognition it deserves.

FREAKS AND GEEKS: Originally released in 1999 on NBC, Freaks and Geeks follows the life of Lindsay Weir and her freak friends, as well as her younger brother Sam and his geek friends. While Lindsay flirts with mischievous boys, skips class, and questions how to maintain her A+ student reputation, Sam and his friends struggle with girls and bullies terrorizing the school halls. Not as popular today as back in the 90’s and early 2000’s, Freaks and Geeks deserves a comeback.

SCREAM: Released in June 2015, the Netflix original, Scream, follows a series of murders that begin to show similarities of the last haunting massacre that occurred in the town. When a group of teenagers end up in the middle of the mess, they must work together and catch the culprit. The writers wanted to make a TV series spin-off of the hit horror film of the same name. The series deserves more credit for the amount of work put into creating it.

BETWEEN: The Netflix original Between premiered in May 2015. When everyone over the age of 22 begins dropping dead, the quaint town of Pretty Lake becomes quarantined from the rest of the world and the young must fend for themselves. The violence becomes unbearable and the town quickly runs out of food. People soon realized that to survive, they needed to escape town. Not well talked about, the show deserves recognition.

BLACK MIRROR: A Netflix original, Black Mirror came out in December 2011. Each episode features a different short story highlighting the unsettling truth about the modern world. The eerie theme always leaves the viewer waiting for the next story. Black Mirror, extremely unique and unlike any other show offered on Netflix, it deserves more appreciation.

Although these shows do not stand out at first, they deserve the same recognition as higher rated shows. Over-talked about shows, such as 13 Reasons Why, American Horror Story, and Riverdale become redundant and boring. Lesser known shows give a satisfying feeling of discovery like the perfect find at a thrift store to complete your outfit. Even though a mainstream show seems more likable, an underdog series highlights the fact to never judge something until we see it ourselves.