Trick-or-treat alternatives

Taylor Teli, Reporter, Photographer

Traditionally, children associate Halloween with trick or treating, costumes, and candy. As children outgrow these festivities, they find entertainment and interest in other activities. For the most part, older kids collecting candy door-to-door in costume may appear immature. But in the older crowd, other fun alternatives spark interest.

Movies, both affordable and simple, make a great alternative to trick-or-treating. You can invite friends over and serve Halloween themed snacks. Popular Halloween themed movies include Hocus Pocus, Halloweentown, The Nightmare before Christmas, Corpse Bride, Beetlejuice, and more. Movies, while both cheap and entertaining, also offer a sizable variety of options. Halloween movies allow people to get in the spooky spirit, especially with added ambience, such as lights and decorations.

“My favorite part of Halloween is watching movies because they really get me into the Halloween spirit. Halloween themed movies are the best because they’re nostalgic and fun to watch with friends and family,” senior Patricia Collins said.

Carving pumpkins makes for another fun, affordable, and easy way for teens to enjoy Halloween. With friends and family, buying any size pumpkin and carving your favorite design allows for fun and creativity. Carving pumpkins, a fun Halloween craft, also offers sweet sides post-carving, like baking pumpkin pie and roasting pumpkin seeds.

“Carving pumpkins with friends or family is my favorite part of Halloween because you can use pumpkin seeds for snacks and it’s a chance to hangout with friends and be in the Halloween groove,” senior Maya Hercey said.

Currently trending, sugary sweet foods like candy or pie make for popular Halloween snacks. Cookies, homemade or storebought, create perfect Halloween snacks to decorate.

“Baking cookies is my favorite part of Halloween because I like to eat, and they’re fun to make or bake. Cookies are also easy and quick so you have time to carve pumpkins or anything else festive you have planned,” senior Gideon Fortune said.

These festive activities keep everyone entertained throughout the Halloween season. Movies, cookies, and pumpkin carving allow children to stay festive, while also standing as affordable and family friendly activities. Stay spooky!