Last-minute DIY Halloween costumes


Rachel Maxwell

Save time and money this spooky season by creating a Halloween costume with items found around your home and in your closet.

Rachel Maxwell, Angel Massey

Spending money on overpriced Halloween costumes becomes a hassle every year, especially when running late to a party or making last minute trick-or-treating plans. Making costumes out of ordinary objects you can find in your home makes Halloween quick and easy so that the focus can lie on making memories and gathering candy.

SCARECROW: This classic look, perfect for a last minute costume, takes less than five minutes to create.

WHAT YOU NEED: For the outfit you will need a flannel shirt and jeans or overalls. Add cowboy boots and a straw hat for extra detail.

MAKEUP: Taking brown or black eyeliner, draw a long smile across your mouth and on your cheeks. Over the smile, draw small dashes to look like stitching.

CAT: Although one of the most basic, simple looks to create, the cat makes for the perfect last minute look. Cute and effortless, you can do this in under five minutes.

WHAT YOU NEED: For the outfit, you need all black clothes. A black long sleeve shirt and black jeans or leggings work perfectly together. Black boots or sneakers make walking around all night comfortable. You can find cheap cat ears anywhere they sell costumes.

MAKEUP: Taking black eyeliner, draw a black circle on the tip of your nose and draw three lines on your cheeks creating whiskers.

WITCH: A Halloween classic, you can recreate this quick and easy look in under ten minutes.

WHAT YOU NEED: The effortless, basic outfit consists of a black dress and black boots. You can find a witch hat at any store selling costumes. Carrying around a wooden broomstick ties the look together and gives the illusion that you put extra effort into the costume.

WHERE’S WALDO?: A childhood classic, you can recreate this easy but cute look in just a few minutes.

WHAT YOU NEED: Regular light wash blue jeans and a red and white striped shirt resembles Waldo’s famous attire. Sneakers, a striped beanie, and glasses add an extra pop to the outfit.

DOLL: This straightforward but cute look relies mostly on the makeup. Only needing ten minutes or less to complete the look it provides the perfect last minute look.

WHAT YOU NEED: Any colorful dress makes for the perfect fit to this look. Add sneakers or heels and frilly socks to dress up your feet. You can also add tights to keep warm on the chilly Halloween nights.

MAKEUP: This extremely easy look works great for people in a rush. Add a bright red blush to the apples of your cheeks. Taking a black eyeliner, draw lines at the corners of your mouth to represent an elongated stitched smile. Next. take the same black eyeliner and draw long straight lines under your bottom eyelashes to look like exaggerated lashes.

ROBBER: Probably the most simple look, a robber works perfectly for the last minute Halloween parties and trick-or-treating.

WHAT YOU NEED: This look, extremely basic, only includes a black and white striped shirt,  black jeans or leggings, and black sneakers or boots. You can add a beanie or mask over your face, along with a sack or pillowcase, to collect candy in.

GENERATION LOOK: This cute, fun, and classic look embodies the 80s and 90s. You can find any retro-looking article of clothing at the thrift store.

WHAT YOU NEED: You will need a leotard that will tuck into a baggy pair of denim jeans. To protect yourself from the cold, a puffy jacket finishes the look off. A jacket with shoulder pads could work perfectly in this scenario as well. To complete the look, any old pair of high top converse or classic Nikes or Adidas should work just fine.

MAKEUP: For makeup, you will need bold colors to place on your eyelids and lips. The 80s and 90s showcased bold pops of color and thick eyeliner. Big, volumized hair or a high ponytail completes this look.

Upcycling, or putting together a Halloween costume from vintage items, allows one’s creative side to show. Saving time and money, it lets the individual focus on what Halloween should really mean: rotting your teeth with candy.