The making of a sneakerhead


Zion Fitch, Videographer

At an all time high, the sneakerhead culture diversity continues to grow in exclusivity, making it harder for sneaker owners to take their shoe game to the next level. Formally, a sneakerhead collects, trades, and sells shoes as a hobby.

The making of a sneakerhead, like everything on Planet Earth, involves evolution. Becoming a sneakerhead requires patience, persistence, and passion. “Sneakerheadz” allow shoes to dominate their closet and often their life.

Patience and ambition characterize a sneakerhead. Evolving into a sneakerhead does not happen overnight. People look at becoming a sneakerhead as a process, a game of trades and steals. Sneakerheads must stay aware of what essentials make up a sneaker closet; when to buy and when to wait, and never to give up on a shoe.

“Whatever you do, you cannot quit on a shoe. If you want it, go get it. Whether you gotta travel or fly to another continent. Get that shoe,” sneakerhead Ben Baller said.

This ambition drives sneakerheads to possess a passion for sneakers. The passion and the love for sneakers separates regular collectors from the elite sneakerheads.

The prime aspect of evolving into a sneakerhead calls for a shoe budget. Every sneakerhead must know how to properly manage their money to purchase the best sneakers possible for a price they can afford. ranks apps such as Sole Superior and KicksOnFire as some of the top ten apps used to find sneaker steals. Similarly, other sneakerheads become members on websites like SoleSupremacy that allow them to find expensive shoes for a good deal. These budgeting tools help the individuals plan for new shoe releases and make it possible to maximize the opportunity for another shoe purchase. The sport of shoe shopping relates to the game of baseball. Wait, wait, and then at the crack of the bat, go. Sneakers can sell out within a matter of minutes.

Every sneakerhead must add certain shoe essentials in their collection— shoes that embody class and the streetwear culture of today. The classy essentials include Stan Smiths, Chuck Taylors, and Vans. These shoes contain a sleek and chic look that make them wearable with suits and high fashion clothing. The flexibility of these shoes makes them wearable with almost any outfit. People wear casual Stan Smiths with their tailored suits more frequently in this modern and ever changing age of fashion. 

This trend’s popularity continues to grow and does not show any signs of stopping soon. On a more casual side of sneaker collecting, shoes like Jordans, Nikes, Yeezys, and Adidas dominate. The essential sneakers include: the iconic Jordan 1’s, Nike Air Force 1’s, Yeezy 350 V2’s, Adidas Ultra Boost, and Adidas Superstars.

These sneakers, essential in any true sneakerhead’s closet, make one’s collection complete.

The number of shoes a sneakerhead collects means nothing if they do not connect with each and every shoe they buy. Typically a sneakerhead connects with a shoe because as a kid they could not afford to wear nicer sneakers. They buy shoes with the purpose of appreciating them. They do not take for granted every shoe they buy.

People who underappreciate shoes ruin the sneaker culture. The essentials of shoes only make up pieces of the sneaker puzzle; the patience, persistence, and passion truly make a person into a sneakerhead.