North Georgia Peach Tour excites prospective college students


Tara Anastasoff

On November 30, thirty-seven NC students visited the University of Georgia and the University of North Georgia to explore potential college options.

Tara Anastasoff, Editor in Chief

On Thursday, November 30, thirty-seven NC sophomores, juniors, and seniors ventured north to visit both the University of Georgia (UGA) and the University of North Georgia (UNG) on the North Georgia Peach Tour.

“The college tour made me really excited for the future, I enjoyed learning about UGA and hope to go there in a couple of years,” junior Cierra Walsh said.

Leaving the school at the crack of dawn, the interested students arrived at UGA at 9:15am, where a representative from the Admissions Office met with them to explain the admissions process. After her quick presentation, a student tour guide named Hannah, majoring in Public Relations, led the students around campus, even explaining the superstitions behind UGA’s famous Arch. Hannah told her own personal stories about her experience on campus, making students laugh and feel comfortable.

“I liked her, she picked people out and took them in the front and I felt like she actually cared about what we had to say. She was really laid back and made a lot of jokes,” junior Chesley Lucas said.

Buzzing with the anxiety of finals week just around the corner, many college students looked hard at work in the Tate Student Center and at the on-campus coffee shops. The students then ended their tour with a quick chow-down at the buffet-style lunch in the Village Summit Dining Hall.

“I enjoyed their abundance of options, the lady that gave me my food was really nice. My favorite foods were the cheeseburger and nachos and queso,” junior Lucas Magalhaes said.

The thirty-seven students then departed from UGA to travel west to the University of North Georgia (UNG). Although the weather quickly turned gloomy, the light drizzle and fog only seemed to enhance the beautiful mountaintop campus. With the student body much smaller than UGA’s, people seemed to interact with each other more, and a sense of community shined through. Known for its ROTC program, the presentation at the beginning of the tour placed a large focus on the program, and cadets in uniform walked proudly around campus.

“The campus was small so you would know more people, but I personally like bigger campuses and bigger colleges,” sophomore Miku Fawcutt said.

Tara Anastasoff
With a beautiful mountaintop campus, the fresh air present after a light rain at UNG pleased the tired students.

The dreary weather did not put a damper on people’s moods, especially UNG’s student tour guide Machelle, majoring in Art Marketing, who displayed a cheerful smile on her face the entire time. After the steep treks to the different buildings on campus, all thirty-seven students then piled back on the bus for a two-hour ride back to Kennesaw.

“I feel like I learned a lot and am ready to finalize my application to UGA,” senior Ashleigh Cochran said.

With newfound knowledge about the admissions process, a better understanding of each college campus, and experiences to share with peers and parents, every student enjoyed visiting the colleges on the North Georgia Peach Tour.