ALS Ice Bucket Challenge sparks movement with new club’s goals


Alex O'Brien

The first gathering brought together passionate students willing to make an impact for ALS awareness.

Alex O'Brien, Reporter

After the popular ice bucket challenge gained momentum, senior De’De’ Ajavon saw an opportunity for students to create an ALS Awareness Club, which will meet every other Monday in Mrs. Ezzell’s room (603) at 7:40 AM.

“This club is about raising awareness for ALS, which is a terminal illness. We intend to raise funds for ALS and continue to give the illness the attention it deserves,” said Ajavon.

The first meeting of the year focused mostly on introductions and remained casual, yet informative. The club’s leader, Ajavon, hopes to raise awareness for ALS [amyotrophic lateral sclerosis] and hold fundraisers to raise money for the foundation.

The group aspires to participate in walks and different awareness-raising activities to get students involved in important ALS events. Students will raise money while also raising hopes for those suffering from ALS or have a loved one suffering from the disease.

Ajavon hopes her club will help bring attention to the seriousness of this illness and how it affects families all over America.