After 19 years, Cobb County considers bi-monthly pay system for employees


payrollsurvey-page-001Andrew Lubbers and Arsheen Kour
Cobb County has considered changing the way they pay teachers. Teachers are normally paid once a month, but the county has proposed a bi-monthly payroll.

A bi-monthly payroll would give teachers the same amount of money, split up into two dates. Teachers showed strong opinions when it came to their paychecks.

“Every other job besides teaching in Georgia pays twice a month; by the end of the month, I’m eating peanut butter sandwiches,” Math teacher Mr. Hybart said.

Second year Zoology teacher Ms. Massey claimed that getting two paychecks would be “easier to budget.”

Although most teachers would gladly accept the county’s proposal, a scarce amount of the more experienced teachers felt happy with their once-a-month routine.

“I can easily see how bi-monthly payments would be useful, but once a month is better for me,” World history teacher Mrs. Galloway said.

Teachers’ opinions were also based on financial support from their spouse. Married couples typically share a common payment routine with their spouse.

“If I was single, twice a month, but I’m married so once a month is fine,” said Anatomy teacher Mrs. Adams.

Psychology and U.S. History teacher Mrs. Tummins preferred once a month because it gives the county “less of a chance to mess up.”

A host of teachers had no preference on their payroll schedule. They felt that if they received the same amount of money, that it would not matter. However, the majority of teachers prefer a bi-monthly payment schedule.