You can call me Mr. President


Madeline Powers

This photo shows Ian McCullough’s feature on the Georgia Magazine for winning a paid internship, $1000 scholarship, and a paid trip to Washington D.C. at Cobb EMC this past year. “I taught Ian his sophomore as well as his senior year and he has become a very well spoken young man and very poised and very sure of himself,” Ian’s favorite teacher, Mrs. Galloway said.

Madeline Powers, General assistant

Cobb Energy Management Company (EMC) Washington D.C. Youth Tour finalist, Magnet senior Ian McCullough, excelled as a paid intern this past year in the education and community relations department in Marietta, Georgia. McCullough completed multiple projects in the department, including organizing volunteer activities and coordinating events for Cobb EMC employees and local charities.

“Ian is a very personable student. He’s very, very good at listening to people and a very passionate thinker and arguer. He is very good at arguing points, and I know he is interested in politics, and I think that really allows him to relate well to people in internships and his goals in the future,” his favorite teacher, World History and AP Government teacher, Carolyn Galloway, said.

Electrical Management co-op (cooperative business) , Cobb EMC, provides energy to their assigned zoning district, operating with a stronger sense of community than regular energy companies. They keep the lights on and the heaters running, all while giving back to the community that values them and their work. Cobb EMC members each maintain a direct leadership position in the company.

    To qualify for the Cobb EMC internship, one must first complete a test. This test includes three different subject areas: energy/environmental science, Cobb EMC knowledge, and technology for producing energy. Around 55 students from all over Cobb EMC’s district came to take this exam, with the highest scoring student from each high school moving to the next round.

The next round includes an interview in a conference-like setting. Interviewers asked participants two questions on the spot with questions like ‘what aspects of leadership do you consider most important?’ in front of a panel of about 55 people from the company. After two weeks of careful consideration, Cobb EMC selected three people—a first, second, and third place winner. The third-place winner received a $500 scholarship, while second place received a $1000 scholarship, and the first place winner won the grand $1500 scholarship. Second and first place winners also won a trip to Washington D.C., and a chance to apply for a paid internship working for Cobb EMC. McCullough won second place, following Meredith Johns, Kennesaw Mountain High School senior, who held the first place title.

McCullough and Johns then battled it out for the paid internship, each completing an job interview for the company, where they learned more about each student. After competing against Johns, McCullough found himself victorious and earned the paid internship with Cobb EMC.

“I was certain Meredith was going to get [the internship] because she is this fantastic human being and I am just this dude,” McCullough said.

McCullough worked from 7:30am to 6:00pm through the last half of summer and through the fall semester in the branch of education/community relations of the Marketing Divisions. He gained corporate work experience while also receiving the opportunity to give back to the community that raised him.

“I was in the department of education and community relations, so we gave a lot of money and supplies to schools, and we did a lot of giveaways for our members,” McCullough said.

Considering his background in politics, McCullough aspires to one day become president of the United States and believes he could do something to change the world.

“I want to change the world by changing America first and lead by example, but I don’t want to be president if I’m not the best man for the job or if I’m not qualified; if I am not there, I don’t want the job,” McCullough said.

McCullough received his acceptance from the University of Georgia last month, and waits to hear from Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee, and his dream school, George Washington University. McCullough hopes to do great and extraordinary things for America and for the world, and right now his path is just beginning.