The Killers killed it at Atlanta concert


Sandy Dang

Confetti flew into the air as fans reached out their arms in hopes of catching a few paper slips in their pockets as a souvenir from the concert.

Sandy Dang, Public Relations, Reporter

Popular early 2000s rock band, The Killers, released their fifth studio album titled Wonderful, Wonderful on September 22, 2017, and from there commenced their Wonderful, Wonderful world tour. On January 21, 2018 the band traveled to Georgia on the second leg of their world tour in North America at the Infinite Energy Center in Duluth, GA.

“It was awesome. I would have cried if I was not dehydrated. It was an uplifting experience, I was excited all the way from arriving to the concert to leaving the arena,” senior Sarah Punch said.

The Infinite Energy Arena, which can hold over 13,000 people, quickly filled up with eager music lovers in both the pit and the seats. Once entering the arena, the atmosphere buzzed with stirring bodies as classic rock songs played while more and more of the audience trickled into their seats or into the pit in front of the stage. Soon enough, the lights began to dim and the arena filled with shouts of excitement and yells for the show to begin.

The stage, lit up by blue-tinted dim lights provided a calm vibe throughout the venue. The band’s opening act, Alex Cameron with Roy Molloy on the saxophone, prepped the night’s mood with his smooth voice and upbeat songs. His electronic beats mixed with the classic drums and smooth sounds from Molloy’s saxophone made the crowd sway their bodies and bob their heads along to the tunes.

Cameron and his entourage then bid their goodbyes and shared kind words about the headlining band. Before walking off the stage, Cameron shared how he came across the opportunity to open for The Killers.

“I was lounging around in my house and checking my emails, and in my spam folder was an email from Brandon Flowers [the lead singer of The Killers]. Even my phone knew I would never get an email from the Brandon Flowers, but when I read it, I knew it was legit. So here I am,” Cameron said.

Sandy Dang
Alex Cameron and his band, featuring Roy Malloy on the saxophone, served as the opening act for The Killers at their Atlanta concert.

After sharing his story, him and his entourage walked off the stage, exciting the crowd for the upcoming Killers performance.

The lights came back on and murmuring began throughout the crowd as they shared their thoughts and feelings about the opening act and excitement for the soon-to-come Killers performance. The lights began to dim again, and once again the crowd went wild. In the pit, the bodies of the concert goers began to squish together, eagerly inching towards the stage. The band members each walked onto the stage one by one, starting to play their respective instruments. The beating of the drums rang through the crowd’s bodies and the lights flashed before their eyes. Finally, Brandon Flowers walked onto the stage, and the show began.

Throughout the show, The Killers kept the crowd dancing and grooving along to the songs. The stage lit up with colorful lights, constantly changing with each tune’s beat. Before continuing the show, Flowers pulled a young man from the crowd to the stage to play bass with the band. The crowd went wild for the temporary bassist.

Sandy Dang
The band used the stage’s bright and colorful lights and lasers to create an enticing visual interpretation to match the song being played.

Each song The Killers performed made the crowd in both the pit and the stand sing at top of their lungs to each lyric and move their bodies to the beat.

Halfway through the show, Flowers and his band left the stage for a speedy wardrobe change and quick break from the constant energy. Flowers soon returned back to stage in a glittery golden suit and once again the crowd roared. The rock band played more songs from their new album, and the show started to come to an end with their most well-known throwback song, “Mr. Brightside.” With every song the band performed, the crowd lost their breaths, and the show finally ended with the drummer playing a solo while Flowers walked along the stage edge, interacting with the audience and dancing.

The stadium lights turned back on and the audience trickled back out to the parking lot, the energy and excitement still lingering in the air.

Sandy Dang
The bright lights flashed along to The Killers’ closing song “Mr. Brightside” as the crowd bounced along to the song and recorded the unforgettable performance.