JV boys tennis team swings into the season


Tara Anastasoff

The JV boys tennis team will to continue to attend practices and improve this spring season.

Tara Anastasoff, Editor in Chief

The NC boys junior varsity (JV) team traveled to Allatoona high school to serve up their tennis balls at their first match of the spring season on Tuesday, February 6. With after-school practices taking place twice a week, the team felt prepared to take on their first match of the year.

“We’re going to improve for seasons to come and hope to generate interest for the tennis program because we almost didn’t have a JV team this year,” JV coach Mercer said.

Parents of Allatoona JV players cheered on their children from the stands outside the courts, and a couple of NC parents joined the crowds to support the Warriors as well. Fueled up on turkey sub sandwiches and Gatorade, the team warmed up on the courts to prepare for their match. The breezy, warm temperature set a comfortable environment for the season’s first tennis match.

The team played two doubles matches and three singles matches against the Buccaneers, and despite their strong serves and ability to keep an eye on the ball, the Warriors lost all five matches. Allatoona’s JV team brought hidden talent, disguising seemingly weak serves as speedy, powerful head-turners.   

Although this season started off rough, the team will continue to work hard, practice good sportsmanship, and push themselves to succeed.

“The team is still working hard, I feel like they’re gonna improve. It can only go up from here,” sophomore and tennis team manager Lady Bacaras said.