Hip hopping into Hoopcoming


Jayden Stabler

Senior Turner Markwalter and junior Zion Fitch hosted the annual Hoopcoming pep rally.

Jayden Stabler, Reporter

The NC gym held a Hoopcoming pep rally to build excitement for the Hoopcoming basketball game later that day and also recognized the boys representing their classes on the court Friday, February 2.

“The pep rally was really energetic and there was a lot of enthusiasm throughout the crowd. I think we always should do pep rallies because it lets us recognize all those who played throughout the [basketball] season,” freshman Katerine Ivanova said.

Tribal Connections planned two identical pep rallies, the first one for freshmen and sophomores to watch, and the second for juniors and seniors. The limited amount of space in the gym forced TC to split up the four classes. The band played the NC fight song as students entered the gym, exciting the crowds and inducing enthusiasm. After all the students filed in, senior Turner Markwalter welcomed them and introduced the school’s Dance/Step Team. The team performed a dance routine to four songs that flowed together one after another. Both team’s performances received an enormous amount of praise and applause from students.

“I think we did really well, I’m very proud. We had lots of energy and we remembered all the moves, that was the fastest we learned a dance this year. I think it took three weeks to put together,” junior Dance Team member Chloe Fair said.

Cheerleaders entered onto the gym floor to introduce the varsity girls and varsity boys basketball teams. Students and faculty wished the teams luck for the hoopcoming game, which aided in their defeat against the Kennesaw Mountain Mustangs teams later on that night.

Junior Zion Finch then introduced the hoopcoming court. Jaylen Harris and Trenton Lee represented the freshman class, Freddy Woods and Baldwin Ndogo represented the sophomore class, Chike Asuzu and Kevin Hester represented the junior class, and Jordan Hicks, Ginji Ozawa, Cobi Jefferson, and Turner Markwalter represented the senior class. Based on homeroom majority votes, the top nominations in each grade received court status. Boys on the court represented NC spirit and integrity. At the hoopcoming game later that night, Ozawu was crowned Hoopcoming King.

The band played again as students exited, wrapping up an exhilarating 26 minutes and leaving NC students thrilled for the upcoming basketball game.

“The pep rally was fun, I especially liked the dancers. I think it’s a good way to get the school motivated to come out and support their team. It was an honor to represent my class,” Hicks said.