What to do this Valentine’s Day


Tara Anastasoff

Valentine’s Day falls on Wednesday, February 14 this year.

Tara Anastasoff, Editor in Chief

Target’s shelves bring Valentine’s Day into full swing with their hefty stock of a sea of hearts, glitter, red, and pink. Love is in the air. While eating an obscene amount of chocolate always stands as an option for how to spend the Day of Love, spending the day with a group of friends or a significant other can turn into more than just a time to send messages of love and appreciation to each other.

Get outside. Listening to the sounds of nature and venturing up the woodsy trails, Kennesaw Mountain remains a tried and true hot-spot for lovers of the outdoors. Sunshine Rock, an unofficial landmark at the top of the mountain, makes for an amazing place to picnic and take pictures. Bonus points if your picnic only includes heart shaped sandwiches, fruit slices, and cookies.

Host a party. With hundreds of movies at the tips of one’s fingertips, marathoning the best romantic comedies and Valentine’s Day classics never fail to produce a night full of laughter and awe-worthy moments. The Notebook, Romeo + Juliet, and 10 Things I Hate About You, stand as cult movies to watch for the holiday. To establish a cozy vibe, create a pillow fort or lay a collection of blankets and fluffy pillows on the ground for everybody to watch the movie in. Gather around a collection of tasty treats, such as chocolate covered pretzels (with red and pink heart shaped sprinkles, of course), flavored popcorn, or an ice cream sundae assembly line.

Make valentines for each other. To continue the holiday tradition, gather a plethora of colored paper, paints, markers, glitter, and lace doilies to create custom valentines cards for your closest friends and family. Channel your inner craft-queen and incorporate origami hearts or funny Valentine’s Day themed memes into the card.

Get in the kitchen. With a never-ending cookbook at the tips of one’s fingers, Pinterest stands as a failsafe location for tasty, new treats and meals. Cook up a storm and pick out your favorite dinner dish or dessert to whip up with friends and bond over cute cupcake liners and spice combinations.

Whether staying at home or heading out to a fancy dinner on the town, make sure to spend Valentine’s Day with the ones you love, frequently reminding them of how appreciated they are.