Cheap and easy Valentine’s Day date ideas


Rachel Maxwell

Breaking the bank does not always equal the perfect date. By thinking creatively, finding the most romantic way to spend your Valentine’s Day can come at a cheap price.

Rachel Maxwell, Social Media Manager

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, couples scramble to plan the perfect night for them and their date. Although breaking the bank on a fancy dinner seems like the easiest and quickest option, thinking creatively could provide better alternatives. These alternative date ideas will not only show more thought and effort, making them more romantic and special, but also come at a cheaper price.

Indoor Picnic: If the winter weather keeps you inside, an indoor picnic proves a romantic alternative. Making each other’s favorite sandwiches and treats, laying out blankets, and lighting candles sets the perfect mood for a calm, romantic evening in the warmth of your home.

Price: Depending on the type of food and treats you make for this date, the price ranges, but can typically stay on the lower end of the spectrum. Use supplies already at hand and items in your fridge to make the date free.

Cooking/Baking Together: Instead of leaving the comfort of your home and spending money at an overpriced restaurant, buying your own food supplies and cooking together at home doubles as a cheap and easy meal that doubles as a  bonding activity for you and your partner.

Price: This date budget can range from high to low depending on what meal you plan on cooking.

Roller Skating/Ice skating: A movie classic, a skating date holds a reputation as the perfect combination of fun and romance, all at a low cost. Watching each other attempt to cross the skating rink without falling will create lasting memories. If you want to stay cheap, but still hit the town, this date lives up to its “perfect” reputation.

Price: Prices may vary depending on ice skating and roller rinks near you.

Drive: A simple and completely free date, driving around with your significant other makes for a peaceful, relaxing time. Playing your favorite music, rolling down the widows, and driving with no specific destination gives the perfect opportunity to reconnect.

Price: Hopefully your car has good gas mileage..

Sunsets/Star gazing: Another movie classic, bringing your date out to an open field or a park and laying out under the stars for hours proves as one of the most romantic dates for Valentine’s Day. This date offers the perfect opportunity to reconnect with your partner while relaxing miles away from the crazy lights and sounds of the city.

Price: This date costs $0.

Movie night: Bundling up on the couch with your significant other, making popcorn, and watching endless love-themed movies creates a romantic Valentine’s date atmosphere, all without breaking the bank on outrageous movie theater prices.

Price: A movies night costs nothing.

Celebrating a special and romantic evening with your loved one does not always require cleaning out your wallet. By putting more time and effort into planning your night, creating a closer relationship with your partner and relighting the spark of a relationship becomes simple.