Varsity lacrosse midseason overview


Picture courtesy of Rodney Hall

Junior Zach Hall shoots and scores the only goal for the NC Warriors during their first game against the Cherokee Warriors on February 23. The game ended at 13-1 after Cherokee demolished NC. This defeat left players and coaches angry, but made them determined to work harder at practice and push themselves more during games.

Isabella Keaton, Reporter, Photographer

With the start of this year’s spring varsity lacrosse season, the Warriors ended the first two weeks with three losses and one win after playing teams from Cherokee, Newnan, Hillgrove, and Pebblebrook. Players anticipate more wins throughout the season, as these first games allowed new players to adapt to the game and practice.

The Warriors played their first game on February 23 at home and lost against the Cherokee Warriors 1-13. The boys started out this season with losses outnumbering the wins, but these losses only allowed future growth  for the team.

Their second game on February 27 against the Newnan Cougars ended with a score of 2-11. This significant loss hit the boys’ spirits hard after their previous loss, but this loss not stop them from husting, defending, and shooting as well as they could.

The boys lacrosse team continued their losing streak with their away game against the Hillgrove Hawks on March 1 that ended with a score of 4-15. After these three losses, the team practiced and prepared harder than ever before for their next game, which finally turned out in their favor.

After playing the Pebblebrook Falcons, the NC varsity boys lacrosse team finally won their first game of the season on Monday, March 5. Junior Noah Mckouen, junior Zach Hall, freshman Trent Nolen, and senior Alan Berkoski all scored multiple goals to lead the team to an astonishing 16-0 win. The team demolished the Falcons and provided the team with their first win this season.

“The team was able to run the offense correctly and move the ball well, unlike previous games,” Mckouen said.

Freshman Brendan Rice scored against Pebblebrook and supported the score of 16-0. Rice, scoring his first goal on varsity, proved his skill to varsity lacrosse teammates and coaches and represented the Warrior lacrosse team with pride. Playing swing this year for both junior varsity and varsity, Rice remains excited for games and more goals to come during his first year playing for the Warriors.

“The team played really well tonight and everyone came together and scored some goals, which made us win. I feel like this win gave a lot of confidence to the team, which is necessary for us to make a run for the playoffs,” Hall said.

Coach Tyler Price, a community lacrosse coach for North Cobb, noticed the team slacking off once they flew far ahead in score of the Falcons, and pushed them even harder at practice.

After one win and three losses, the NC boys varsity lacrosse team ended their first four games with enthusiasm for the remainder of the season. They anticipate putting in hard work and time to watch over their own film from previous games and address their strengths and weaknesses to ensure a great rest of the season.