NC Standing Ovation dances and sings their way into Hairspray


Isabella Keaton

NC Standing Ovation will open their show of Hairspray April 26, 27, and 28. With student choreographers and dedicated performers head director Candice Corcoran anticipates an amazing show with well put together dance scenes.

Isabella Keaton, Reporter, Photographer

NC Standing Ovation will continue to prepare for their production of Hairspray during March and April until their performances on April 26, 27, and 28. With a mix of chorus and theatre students, all performers anticipate an exciting and colorful show with memorable dance numbers.

“I’m super excited for this show since it’s more of a dancing musical, and playing the lead will be so much fun,” senior Jordan Hicks said.  

Performing in his 12th show at NC, senior Jordan Hicks will end this school year, his final year at NC, with Hairspray. Part of theatre since age 14, Hicks cannot wait to perform such a popular show, where he will play the lead male role of Link Larkin.

“To be playing Link in Hairspray is like a dream. I can’t wait to step onto the stage and perform the role I’ve always wanted. Hairspray is just such an amazing musical and putting it on will be an incredible experience,” Hicks said.

As head director and drama teacher, Candice Corcoran plans out the set with tech student directors and juniors Emily LaPierre and Shian Gillespie choreograph the song “Nicest Kids In Town” on the Corny Collins Show with the councelettes and Corny Collins himself. Junior Will Webster, playing Corny Collins, will begin his NC theatre experience with this show and looks forward to trying new dances while containing his nerves for the show.

“Honestly, I feel overwhelmed, it’s hit me like a bag of bricks and it’s shocking to me that I can do this,” Webster said.

LaPierre auditioned with choreography for the song “Run and Tell That” and Corcoran gladly took her choreography and invited her to choreograph more dances in the show, including the other Corny Collins dances. LaPierre looks forward to how the show will turn out and how her choreography will look on the new theatre’s stage.

“I feel so proud. It’s so awesome having student choreographed numbers in the show because I feel like the students can relate to it more rather than if a teacher just gets up and does for them,” LaPierre said.

Currently, Gillespie choreographs “It Takes Two” with lead roles senior Hope Hutchins and Hicks. The song features them as Tracy Turnblad and Link Larkin and the blossoming of their new relationship. Gillespie watches as the dance brings students together as they learn new and difficult moves for the show.

“The students already have an awesome bond, and this just brings us together more,” Gillespie said.

Overall, the students will continue to prepare intensely at rehearsals until 7 pm every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and occasionally Saturdays— never wasting a moment. Still, with a majority of the dances unchoreographed, students worry about the time needed and the addition of more rehearsals. The show will open in April as the first theatre performance in the new Performing Arts Center.

“I’m so excited just to be a part of the show because I think Hairspray is amazing. To get a lead role in a show that is so well-known is so exciting and such an amazing opportunity,” junior Chloe Vernex-Loset, playing Velma Von Tussle, said.