Fifth annual Awtrey middle school Walk-A-Thon fundraiser promotes healthy living


Kat Shambaugh

Awtrey middle schoolers walk the track while being engaged with activities that combine fun with exercise.

Kat Shambaugh, Reporter

Students at Awtrey Middle School took a step towards health when they gathered at North Cobb’s football field on Friday, September 5th for the fifth annual Walk-A-Thon fundraiser. For two periods out of the usual middle school seven, each grade made the short trek to North Cobb’s Emory Sewell stadium for an hour and a half of games, music, treats, and physical activity.

DSC_0085Kat Shambaugh

The Walk-A-Thon began in 2009 as a way of promoting healthy lifestyles and gathering money for the school. Students must raise fifteen dollars to attend and enjoy the music, raffles, and games, but the PTSA encourages collecting more than the minimum to earn extra raffle opportunities and an exclusive party.

Money acquired in 2014 will fund programs for academic recognition, student character development, seminars for parents, and a permanent speaker and sound system in the theater.

PTSA member Susan Bussiere is an avid supporter of the event and said, “As a parent, I think this is an awesome opportunity for the kids to have fun and be active. It also helps raise money to provide the school and kids with new experiences that will touch all of our kids.”

Students seemed overjoyed to leave the classroom and run around. They described the Walk-A-Thon as “fantastic,” “athletic,” and “the best.” Seventh grader Madison Caren commented, “I don’t know how the teachers will expect us to go back in the classroom after all of this excitement.”

Principal Jeff Crawford is one of the main advocates for the fundraiser. Every year he puts himself on the line for donations, including this year’s promise to shave his head in front of the student body if participants raised $20,000.

“I appreciate the PTSA supporting the students for the annual Walk-A-Thon this year. It’s a great celebration of health, wellness, and student participation. The kids really enjoy the activities and sports to help them make this year the best year,” Crawford remarked.

Awtrey’s student body remains fueled by the Walk-A-Thon and its proceeds, which help to make the school healthy and successful for the whole student body.

DSC_0070Kat Shambaugh