Men’s volleyball team sets up promising season


Madeline Powers

The men’s volleyball team passes into their second season, feeling excited and ready to face what challenges may come. The team continues to practice and win games, preparing them for the state playoffs on May 6.

Turner Markwalter, Reporter

The NC men’s volleyball season started on March 21, and the team looks to build on to the hot streak that they ended with last season. Coach Stephen Sansing decided to bring the team back for the 2018 season after seeing the talent on display during the Homecoming week men’s volleyball tournament.

“I saw some guys out there who have a lot of potential in the sport. I tried to get them to try out to further push our name into the men’s volleyball world,” Sansing said.

Instead of taking only one team, Sansing decided to take two, an orange and navy team.

“I saw a lot of potential in everyone who attended tryouts, so I wanted to see how everyone would develop as the year went on,” Sansing said.

Three players from last year’s team returned for their second season. Seniors, hitter Malik Balogun, setter Ishmael Bett, and libero Sebastian Castillo look to take charge of an almost brand new team, assuming the role of captains.

“So far, we are hitting more strides than we were at the beginning of last season, so it’s looking pretty good so far,” Balogun said.

The orange team won three games and lost four, while the navy team won one game and lost six in their first matchups. With games stretching all the way into May, both teams know they have ample time to improve their records before the state tournament on May 6.

“For most of us, this is our first year playing. It’s definitely a learning experience for us right now, but once we get into the swing of things, it will be very fun for all of us,” senior setter Ulises Delgadillo said.

An almost brand new team could spell disaster for team chemistry, but the boys on both teams all work together to ensure the games go smoothly.

“I knew it wouldn’t be a problem since most of the guys are already good friends,” Castillo said.

Most schools in the state of Georgia do not have men’s volleyball teams, so NC plays the schools that have teams. Schools like Johns Creek High School and Apalachee High School make the drive to come out to NC. Harrison and Walton, the only schools in Cobb County with a team, also act as tough competitors.

Monday, April 9 marks the next home game for the orange and navy teams as they take on the Walton Raiders.