Seniors come down with annual senioritis


Jayden Stabler

Magnet seniors Cameron Buxton and Marco Mancuso ignore their homework and busy themselves with looking at their phones. “Teachers are understanding that it’s senior year and kids are starting to unwind and do less school work,” Mancuso said.

Jayden Stabler, Reporter

Unfortunately, for select students’ struggling grade point averages (GPA), a number of seniors have allowed their anticipation and excitement for graduation to overshadow their motivation and attention for homework and projects. Students and teachers often refer to this phenomenon as “senioritis.”

“My motivation is at an all time low. Senioritis, it’s a real thing you can’t come back from once it starts. I feel like my teachers understand that we’re going to be out in a few months too. They’ve sort of got senioritis with us,” Magnet senior Marco Mancuso said.

Senioritis reaches an all time high during the two months prior to graduation. As Friday, May 25, graduation day, continues to near, seniors reflect on the bittersweetness of their high school experience.

“I feel happy. I feel impatient. I want it to end quicker—I want to be out. I want to go to college, but I’m also bittersweet,” senior Seth Rhodes said.

Seniors fill with anticipation of the future that they spent all of high school preparing for. With moving out and attending college, or the start of any pathway a student chooses to take post-graduation, seemingly minutes away, students busy themselves with final applications to colleges, choosing majors, and making colossal life decisions.

“I am going to go to college and then to law school to become a financial and securities lawyer,” Magnet senior Evan Morning said.

The high school experience acts as a rite of passage for those who go on to attend college. In college, each person often deals with their own hardships, struggle through classes with their peers, and eventually come out the other end alive. As seniors continue to prepare for their bright futures teeming with potential, teachers will prepare to teach another graduating class, with the same hopes and well wishes for them all.