Artists around the country gather at Acworth Art Fest


Photo courtesy of Acworth Art Fest Facebook

Onlookers mingle among tents showcasing various pieces of art as they take in a vibrant and colorfully painted car.

Jayden Stabler, Reporter

The Acworth Art Fest, a festival for artists of various kinds to display and sell their work, took place in Historic Downtown Acworth on Saturday, April 14.

“It’s a cool place for creativity. My favorite part is the energy of everybody being generally interested in art,” sophomore Isabella Markham said.

The festival began at 10 am and ended at 6 pm on Saturday. Georgia weather graced Acworth with warm, sunny skies on Saturday, but Mother Nature failed to grace this same kindness on Sunday. Originally, the festival organizers planned to set the festival up again on Sunday, but inclimate weather prevented this from happening.

Over 120 talented artists and artisans from around America signed up and gathered in Acworth to share their art at the festival. The streets of Acworth portrayed art from paintings and jewelry, to pottery, metalwork, and glass blowing. The uniqueness of each vendor’s merchandise made this festival attractive.

For younger children, the festival organizers created the Kidz Zone, which provided kids with creative activities, blow up obstacle courses, and rides. Parents could leave their children here and explore the art vendors.

“I helped kids make bee hats. The hats wrapped around your head, and then you had to staple wings on them. Next to me was the booth to make clouds, where they got to draw clouds. The third booth was making bubble blowers out of pipe cleaners,” Markham said.
With its abundance of restaurants and tasty food, Acworth provides the perfect and inviting environment for festival goers. The festival also included a food court with vendors that offered a variety of fried food, delicious treats, drinks, and more.

The festival brought creativity and steady crowds into Acworth this year and will hopefully continue to bring art to the community for years to come.