Semi-annual art show provides platform for young artists


Sandy Dang

The first display of the art pieces from NC’s art program. The piece focused on realism with a mixtures of mediums and plays on colors.

Sandy Dang, Reporter

NC held their semi annual Spring Art Show on April 19 and 20. The art pieces from students in all levels of art classes decorated the walls of the fine arts hall. Each piece featured the individual student’s skills and perspectives. Students chose to venture out to different topics for their art, either on today’s social issues or personal stories. But nonetheless, each student’s piece told a story—their story.

“At the semi annual Art Show this year, I submitted a watercolor/prismacolor piece of my friend Arielle Sterrett, who passed away this fall. I decided that the best way to honor and celebrate the life she lived and dedicated to uplifting everyone around her was through a visual glimpse into the beautiful woman she became,” senior Chloe Petersen said.

The art show showcased the unique usage of a wide range of mediums, including normal colored pencils, paint, and even plastic. With sculptures to scenery paintings, the show also included multiple pieces of abstract art. Each art piece evoked emotions from passersbys and attentive viewers. Each piece caught the eye and made the individual stop to look and tilt their head in curiosity and interest.

Sandy Dang
Down on the hall, the second display of the pieces displayed art focused more on abstract and interpretive ideas, again with a mixture of mediums and colors.

The show left the audience in awe and wonderment of what an individual can create from simple materials using their own creativity.

Make sure to take a stroll down the halls by the art rooms—you could possibly be looking at the work of the next Leonardo de Vinci or Vincent Van Gogh.