Get your dancing shoes on: WFTK kicks off semi-annual event


Sandy Dang

Amber Fleeman, Georgia Tech’s FTK executive director, joined by the event chairs Alana Agcaoili and Breanna Mann stand on stage speaking and kicking of the eventful day.

Sandy Dang, Reporter

NC’s cafeteria transformed into outer space with star cutouts and banners, along with an abundant amount of streamers, on Saturday, April 14 for the annual Warrior for the Kids Kickoff event. NC partnered with Georgia Tech’s For The Kids (FTK) organization, which focuses on raising money for the Children’s Miracle Network, local Children’s hospitals, and the Miracle Families of children treated at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, to put together a kickoff event to lead in and spread the word for their upcoming dance marathon in April 2019.

“The WTFK kickoff went off with a bang. The amount of energy and dedication put into this event was overwhelming and I loved it. The personal stories shared were great, too, because it gave us a connection, and I’m so blessed to have this opportunity to help put on the event and give those kids the money they need,” sophomore Priscilla Petersen said.

The kickoff event’s theme, Mission to Miracles, correlated to the outfits people wore at the event. Along with the theme, each grade level wore a specific color: black for freshmen, blue for sophomores, orange for juniors, and purple for seniors.

Chalk-drawn arrows pointed attendees into the open doors of the cafeteria. As soon as attendees stepped inside, the atmosphere buzzed with activities and upbeat music. In preparation for the event, treats and activities came about during the four-hour kickoff event.

Hour one opened with a speech from Amber Fleeman, Georgia Tech’s FTK executive director, , along with event chairs Alana Agcaoili and Breanna Mann, to share their background stories and the reasons for their passion towards FTK.

“I have had an overall healthy childhood. Because I am able, I raise money, spread awareness, and help anyway I can through FTK to provide and stand for the children who cannot,” GATech FTK’s executive director Amber Fleeman said.

NC’s cheer team gave a performance as one of the scheduled events, followed by a show from NC’s dance team. A friendly competition of tug-of-war between the grade levels and other attendees took place outside in the courtyard. Afterwards, everyone scattered throughout the courtyard to have a lunch break. Parked in the courtyard, a food truck from Philly Connection served delicious philly cheesesteaks, and Kona Ice offered refreshing snow cones.

After lunch, more activities filled up the remaining hours of the event. NC’s own warriors, including administrator Kiel Southwell and his family, junior Brianna Hewitt, junior Cierra Walsh, and senior Sandy Dang shared their miracle stories about their experiences through Children Healthcare of Atlanta. To finish off the scheduled events, everyone in attendance took part in the final performance of the dance routine taught throughout the day.

At the end of the event, students gathered in front of the stage and event committee chairs and juniors Andrew Riner and Chike Asuzu gave their thanks and final remarks upon the event, sharing with the crowd how the event raised over $600 within just four hours.

“If we were able to over $600 in just four hours today, imagine what a 10-hour dance marathon could raise. I am excited to see what Warriors For The Kids will accomplish next year. We hope to see a huge turnout at our dance marathon in April of 2019,” Riner said.