Warm weather? What now? The Chant’s spring bucket list


Tara Anastasoff

The spring flowers, warm weather, and newly-hatched animals have finally graced Georgia with their presence. In light of this new environment, The Chant provides you with ideas for springtime fun.

Rachel Maxwell, Social Media Manager

With the weather finally warming up and nature blossoming, spring presents itself as the perfect time to head outside and become active after staying indoors all winter season.     

NATURE HIKE: A nature hike around Allatoona Creek Park, Kennesaw Mountain, and Logan Farm Park creates the perfect chance to take in the spring weather. With the flowers freshly coming into bloom, the view makes hiking worth the effort. Hiking also makes an excuse to workout and rejuvenate the body.  

Rachel Maxwell
A long walk clears and relaxes the mind, while also sneaking in an easy work out. Starting or ending the day surrounded by nature in a peaceful, quiet environment proves itself as a perfect way to spend the day outside.

CAMPING: Not too cold, and not too hot, spring makes for amazing camping weather. Roasting marshmallows around the fire with a group of friends sets the mood for summer, while still experiencing comfortable spring weather.

PICNIC: Blossoming parks set the right mood for a spring picnic. A simple and fresh lunch, such as lemonade, fun-shaped sandwiches, and fruits, screams spring. The picnic scenario makes for a picturesque photoshoot background.

BEACH AT SUNSET: Walking on Acworth beach at sunset sets the ideal date mood. The chilly wind sparks the opportunity to cuddle up close with friends and blankets to watch nature paint the sky.

Rachel Maxwell
Sitting back with your feet in the sand and watching the sky fade to an array of colors before the sun goes down creates extraordinary photo opportunities. Relaxing in a calm environment with friends ends the day perfectly.

FESTIVAL: Offering local entertainment and delicious food, festivals function as simple and cheap ways for a full day of fun. Trying a variety of delicious foods offered at festivals always makes for a good time.

Rachel Maxwell
An easy and unique option, festivals make the ultimate “full day of fun” experience. With a variety of things to do, such as food, live music, and shows, festivals never end in wasted time.

SPRING CLEANING: At first, spring cleaning does not seem like the most exciting activity, but cleaning embodies the feeling of productiveness, and typically feeling productive puts people in a better, happier mood. Waking up in a clean and organized room will make for an enjoyable spring.

CHALK DRAWING: A group of friends and a box of chalk continues to prove the ultimate, inexpensive childhood classic. People can express themselves through art for people to see, without having to deal with the clean up. Once the rain washes the creations away, the pallette becomes clean for next time.    

ROLLER SKATING/ BIKING: Roller skating and biking offer another way to exercise while still creating lasting memories. Riding around during sunset makes for beautiful picture opportunities and a unique date idea. Also, it creates the opportunity to explore a new area.  

PLANT A GARDEN: With summer right around the corner, and plants blooming all around, the best time to plant a beautiful garden is now. Growing their own fruits and vegetables helps people become aware of goes into their bodies, making them feel healthier and happier.

STARGAZING: Driving into an open field to look at the stars, a classic rom-com scene, acts as the perfect date idea for the spring. Sitting out on a blanket, listening to music, and eating sweet snacks will create lasting memories and make for aesthetic picture opportunities.    

“I love spring because it’s really peaceful. The days start to become a little warmer and happier. Just being in the springtime makes me happy,” junior Priyanka Patel said.

Feeling warm and immersed with nature embodies the only way to spend the springtime and enjoy the blossoming life.