The Governor’s Honors Summer Program will start on June 17 and continue until July 12. Students prepare for this summer experience by reviewing their past work in their subject area. (Isabella Keaton)
The Governor’s Honors Summer Program will start on June 17 and continue until July 12. Students prepare for this summer experience by reviewing their past work in their subject area.

Isabella Keaton

Get ready GHP, these five Warriors are coming your way

May 15, 2018

During the 2017-18 school year, eleven NC sophomores and juniors endured through the grueling Governor’s Honors Program (GHP) application process from August 21 to March 30. After seven months of preparation and waiting, five of the eleven applicants received acceptance letters into the Governor’s Honors Program and will attend the four week summer enrichment camp at Berry College from June 17 to July 12.

I think I’m most excited for the experience at GHP and getting to learn in a place where everyone else who loves to learn is also there,” junior and GHP Social Studies recipient Harrison Haley said.


Keaton puts on her GHP face


Photo courtesy of Candice Corcoran

Junior Isabella Keaton will attend GHP for theatre performance with a minor in either vocal performance or dance.

Specializing in the fine arts subject area of GHP, junior Isabella Keaton will take part in the summer program as a theatre major and hopefully a vocal minor. With high hopes of her future in theatre, she plans to attend Berry College after high school and contribute to their theatre program.

Keaton, overtaken with excitement, received her notification of acceptance into GHP the moment she left her fourth period class on Friday, March 30. Her friends, family, and boyfriend all supported her throughout the entire process and cannot wait to send her off to Berry College this summer.

“I am super proud of my super actress-daughter because she has put so much effort and determination into expressing her creative talent,” mother of Isabella Keaton, Rebecca Keaton, said.


Dixon sings his way into a coveted spot in GHP


Photo courtesy of Holly Botella

Sophomore Joshua Dixon will attend GHP for choral singing as a bass singer.

Another student specializing in fine arts, sophomore Joshua Dixon will attend GHP for choral singing. Dixon first auditioned with the popular Italian choral piece titled Sebben Crudele composed by Antonio Caldara, and used this piece throughout the entire GHP audition process.

“I only performed one song throughout the entire audition because that was the only song I was really comfortable with,” Dixon said.

Dixon prepared for each audition with countless rehearsals and run-throughs of the song. He met with chorus director Holly Botella as she guided him through this competitive process.

“I talked to my teacher and tried to make sure what song was appropriate for myself and which songs I was comfortable performing. I got feedback from multiple people because everyone has different views about how to showcase myself,” Dixon said.

Authough Dixon already auditioned for other choral opportunities, this experience provided him with new challenges.

“For the first round, I was pretty nervous because it wasn’t something I’ve ever done before. I’ve done auditions, but GHP was just really high-risk and the stakes were really high and competitive. The last round at Berry was nerve-wracking because everyone there was good, and I knew that that was it and I was so close,” Dixon said.

After receiving his acceptance letter, Dixon now prepares himself for the once in a lifetime experience he will endure over the summer. Excited to meet new, talented performers, he already plans to learn many new techniques with the intention of one day becoming a music director himself.

“I’m really excited to be around people that love to do the same thing I do at the level that I do it. We’ve already started connecting, and I’m ready to meet new people and have new experiences because it only happens once,” Dixon said.


Quaile’s passion for the world aids in his acceptance into GHP


Sophomore Chandler Quaile will attend GHP for the academic subject of Social Studies.

On the academic side, sophomore Chandler Quaile will attend the summer GHP program under the social studies subject. After speaking with his teachers, Quaile took advice on how to dress the part and also brushed up on his Model United Nations work.

“I did a lot of research on different countries and their preservatives since we had to do a mock Model United Nations simulation. I also talked to my teachers—Mrs. Galloway and Dr. Roach—about the key talking points,” Quaile said.

Even with Advanced Placement Social Studies teacher Jeffrey Bettis’s assurance, Quaile still felt nervous for every interview. After receiving his acceptance letter, Quaile’s worries faded, and he knew his knowledge and skill helped him receive this amazing opportunity.  

“I was in the mindset that I have to think I can do well in order to succeed, so I felt pretty prepared,” Quaile said.


Paige lands GHP spot on his second time applying


Isabella Keaton

Junior Spencer Paige will attend GHP for the academic subject of Social Studies.

Another social studies participant, junior Spencer Paige prepared for his GHP interview by reviewing politics, news, current events, and economics. Paige, entering the GHP process for the second time, used his past experiences to help in his most recent interview.

“I felt pretty confident this time, I’ve gone through the GHP process before as a sophomore and there were some hiccups along the way, so I really learned what I did wrong, how the interviews worked, and how the general process and simulations worked. I felt so much more confident than I did sophomore year, and that really made everything a lot easier,” Paige said.

Excited to partake in this summer enrichment program, Paige looks forward to learning from and informing others about his opinions and perspectives.

“I’m excited to talk politics, economics, and international trade with new people just to see what everyone’s views are and overall just get into a really good, positive civil discourse,” Paige said.


Haley snags his spot as a SocStud


Tara Anastasoff

Junior Harrison Haley will attend GHP for the academic subject of Social Studies.

Junior Harrison Haley, the final social studies GHP participant from NC, started his interview with a mock Model United Nations debate where he spoke on behalf of the United States in a fictional scenario about Iran taking over Palestine. Although Haley received a spot in the GHP program, he received a second chance after a not so promising school interview.

“At the very beginning, I did the school interview and I actually didn’t feel so good about that interview— they had originally declined me from continuing the GHP process. I guess it was by the luck of the draw that they came back to me and said that they had a spot left, so I really got lucky to be able to continue on,” Haley said.

Growing up in a home open to debate and conversation, Haley’s father furthered his aspirations for social studies. With hopes of focusing on international law in his future, Haley appreciates his family for encouraging his love of social studies.

“I’ve grown up with a lot of debate and in my family, we talk about a lot of current events. My dad is a lawyer, so he would always come home talking about some sort of case he’s working on where something interesting happened. Hearing his side of things really inspired me to pursue some kind of international law focus in life,” Haley said.

Now that Haley will attend GHP, he plans to meet several new people who love debate and social studies as much as he does. In a place surrounded by other intellectuals, Haley will thrive in his field and appreciate this chance of a lifetime.

“I’m really passionate about social studies and everything going on in the world, so I think it will be really cool to meet other people who are also passionate about it as well,” Haley said.


The Chant wishes these five students the best of luck

As these GHP students prepare for the summer, they plan to meet several new people and create new relationships with other students in their subject area. After months of waiting for results, they now count down the days until June 17—the day GHP begins. Students will return home on July 12 with two weeks left of their summer vacation before returning to school in the fall.

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