#FatimaStrong for the first Friday Night Lights


Naoshin Kaiser

The student section, clad in all pink for the pink out in support of their fellow warrior junior Fatima Asad, celebrates the first touchdown of the game by waving their orange spirit towels. “We are pink for Fatima, being a nation means never standing alone,” senior class president Chike Asuzu said.

Julyana Ayache, Reporter, Photographer

The NC Varsity football team defeated the Woodstock Wolverines with an impressive score of 35-21 in their first game of the season on Friday, August 17th. Prior to the Friday night win, the Warriors dubbed the theme of the game as a “pink out” in support of fellow classmate junior Fatima Asad and her battle with cancer. Unfortunately, a few hours after the game on early Saturday morning, Asad’s honorable fight with cancer ended. To honor her strength and courage, Friday night’s win recognized #FatimaStrong.

“We appreciate everyone’s support. It showed us how everyone came together and how she made a big impact on everyone. She’ll always be with us,” sophomore and close friend of Asad’s Marwa Abusaid said.

The Warriors began the first quarter of the game with a bang. The team opened the score with a field goal by kicker and senior Will Aldridge, scoring the team three points. After their first touchdown, the Warriors surprised the Wolverines with a formation to complete the two point conversion. Two more touchdowns followed from both teams, and by the end of the second quarter, the Warriors found themselves holding a lead of 25-14.

Naoshin Kaiser
The North Cobb Varsity football team kicks off the game with the traditional break through the banner, running off to a touchdown that puts them in the lead. Maintaining the lead throughout the game, the Warriors take a win against the Woodstock Wolverines.

“I thought we played very well, especially for our first game, and I think we made some vast improvements from the scrimmage to the first game. I think we’re going to have some success this season, but I think our opponents are gonna get tougher as we go,” Athletic Director and Vice Principal Coach Williams said.  

Through the last two quarters, the Warriors dominated both sides of the field with strong offense and defense, holding the Wolverines at 14 points. Warriors initiated the third quarter with a field goal, continuing to lead the scoreboard 28-14. Near the end of the 4th quarter, sophomore and starting quarterback Trevor Lovett took a six yard stroll into the end zone, allowing the Warriors to come out on top against the Wolverines with a final score of 35-21.

“I thought the game went well, but we had a lot of things that we could have done better,  and you will see us winning our games moving forward,” Lovett said.

Naoshin Kaiser
The Warrior boys line up for the field goal that kicks off the game with a three point lead. The boys took advantage and led the Wolverines to a dominating defeat.