Moody puts students in a good mood for the new school year


Rachel Maxwell

NC students start off the new year excited about new principal, Matthew Moody, and what he brings to the table. Students already express positive feedback rather than with past principals. “I really like his vibe―he seems positive and very excited to interact with everyone,” senior Elizabeth Pope said.

Rachel Maxwell, Social Media Manager

The 2018-2019 school year kicked off with a major change in leadership; Matthew Moody took over NC’s principal position. Moody worked his way up the administration chain, previously holding the position of Athletics Director at another school in the county, and one of eight assistant principals at NC.

Although only four weeks into school, students already love Moody. The majority of students said nothing but positive things about him, and believe he will prove himself as an amazing asset to NC.

Students who experienced NC’s previous principal think that Moody already shows more of a positive influence on the school.

“Moody coming into the lunchroom and the courtyard shows that he wants to be involved with students, which we never saw with our previous principal,” senior Kaitlyn Dejesus said.

The loss of junior Fatima Asad on August 18 set this year off to a hard start, but students believe Moody handled the situation with a full heart. Dedicating the game to her bonded students and helped raise awareness for her and her family during a difficult time.

“I think that Moody handled the situation better than similar situations in the past were handle;, he was more involved and did not brush the situation off, which I feel is what happened in the past,” senior Gina Trotta said.

Freshmen also provided a fresh perspective on Moody since they cannot compare him to NC’s past principals. The majority of the students said they like what they see so far and hope he makes an effort to interact with freshman and make the transition into a new school smooth for them.

“I think he should help freshman interact with upperclassman more, like during pep rallies allowing us to sit anywhere and not sectioned off by grade,” freshman Bella O’Connor said.

The new school year hit students with a whole new level of dress code enforcement, and the only complaints about Moody from students related to those imposed policies. Cracking down on headwear and exposed shoulders, Moody will not let any dress code violation slide. Everyone from freshman to seniors complained about the strict rules and begged for leniency when dressing for the intense summer heat and humidity.

“I’m going to say this every year, just let me wear a hat, please,” freshman Matthew Hickey said.

Overall, students appear happy with the school’s new leadership and—other than dress code—did not complain about anything. Hoping to work together and unite with students, Moody brings new ideas to the table and shows the makings of a great leader.