Moody sets the mood for a new school year


Tara Anastasoff

As Principal Moody takes on his new role, he holds the Warrior Nation to high standards. “I’d like to see more student inquiry, that’s my big catch phrase, just having students inquire the ‘why’ about the lesson, not just copying down notes. Another phrase I like to refer to is was the lesson about you guys as a student discovery or was it just a delivery of information? I think our teachers have really embraced ways to activate those higher levels of learning, I’m excited about what I’ve seen so far,” Moody said.

Tara Anastasoff, Editor-in-Chief, Photo Editor

Greeting each and every student with a warm smile, NC’s newest principal Matthew Moody creates a welcoming presence for the halls of NC. With goals to develop well-rounded students, create a sense of school pride, and expand the Warrior community, Moody has his sights set on nothing but greatness for this school year.

“We want to challenge and prepare our students to be successful when they leave North Cobb, whether they leave to go to college or straight into the workforce. We want to make our community better,” Principal Moody said.

Moody began his journey to success in Cobb County at McEachern High School, where he taught various social studies classes, including world geography, government, and economics. After a few years, he left his position at McEachern and became the Social Studies Department Chair and Athletic Director at Harrison High School. With his degree in Educational Leadership from Kennesaw State University and 25 years of education under his belt, Moody holds the skills and experience needed to successfully run NC— the biggest school in the county.

“We want to provide a safe learning environment. We want the total student experience to be as positive as we can make it; that’s why we always emphasize [that students and parents] get involved. When you have a school with almost 3,000 kids, we don’t just want those kids to do four classes and go home every day,” Moody said.

Before becoming principal this past June, Moody oversaw and managed all of the happenings in the Freshman Academy as the Assistant Principal. From managing around 700 freshmen to managing nearly 3,000 students across all grade levels, Moody’s responsibilities exponentially grew—along with his Warrior Spirit.

“I’ve enjoyed not being in the Freshman Academy and getting out and just hanging out with everyone else. I do miss my freshman teachers though, but it’s been really cool going through these 10th through 12th grade classes and seeing all the amazing things our teachers are doing,” Moody said.

Like everything in life, challenges and fears always ensue, especially when change occurs. Moody credits his amazing administrative team on making his transition flow smoothly.

“I really am dependent on a great administrative team, my administrative team has really made my organization a lot better. They’re on top of everything,” Moody said.

Students, initially shocked by the speedy transition from previous principal Joseph “Bucky” Horton to Moody, look forward to Moody’s plans for the school.

“I appreciate how active he is around the school and how he makes his presence known. Him being present around the school allows the students to have a better connection to administration,” senior Steven Robinson said.

A resident to West Cobb, Moody loves spending time with his wife and three young daughters. When not in meetings, attending school sporting events, or walking the hallways of NC greeting students, Moody takes his daughters to gymnastics, cheerleading, and soccer.

“It’s been challenging finding the balance between wanting to be up here and seeing everything and having three kids to take care of. My wife and I have three daughters— a gymnast, a cheerleader, and a soccer player— and they’re all practicing all over the place, and then I’m trying to do stuff here. I’m just working on taking care of my family and then taking care of our North Cobb family,” Principal Moody said.