Dressing up for Hollywood Homecoming week

September 30, 2018

As homecoming dress up week quickly approaches, students search for creative ways to make affordable and cute costumes for the Hollywood theme. The dress up week begins Monday, October 1, and continues until the Homecoming game on Friday, October 6.

Monday starts off the week with Tacky Tourist day, which will encourage students to dig up their parents’ old maps, fishing hats, and tacky Hawaiian shirts. On Tuesday, students will recreate their favorite meme for Meme Day and show off their hilarious creations. Wednesday, Rags to Riches day, students can choose between dressing like a bum or the Queen of England. For Stunt Double Day on Thursday, students team up with their best friends and dress up in the same outfits to emulate a movie scene when stunt doubles look exactly like the real actor. Last but not least, on Friday, students pick their favorite celebrity and dress up as them. From Miley Cyrus to Mickey Mouse, students will bring out their best costumes for the last dress up day.


Tacky Tourist

Kicking off the road to Hollywood, Monday’s Tacky Tourist day brings out the school’s travel lovers and lost souls. Students bring out their Hollywood Boulevard roadmaps and disposable cameras. When one thinks of a tacky tourist, an image of a man in a Hawaiian shirt, khaki shorts, and sneakers comes to mind. The best part of a tourist, however, exists as the constant look of confusion and fascination that plasters his face. To dress up as a tacky tourist for this year’s Homecoming dress-up week, students will need a Hawaiian shirt, khaki pants, bulky sneakers, tube socks, and a confused facial expression. To add on to their touristy appearance, students can also carry around binoculars, a camera, a travel guide, or a walking stick.

Step 1: Pair together your favorite touristy t-shirt with a pair of simple khaki shorts or pants.

Step 2: Throw on white tube socks and a pair of sneakers for ultimate comfort and tackiness.

Step 3: Select a prop from the list and carry it around to your classes. Make sure to frequently stop people in the hallway and ask them for directions to the Hollywood sign.


Meme Day

Day two of Homecoming dress up week will let students bring out their comedic, creative side. Meme Day could include any kind of character a student finds in a popular social media creation. Meme ideas include salt bae, tide pods, the avocado kid, and any of the infamous Spongebob collages.

One famous meme, the “that’s none of my business” Kermit the frog puppet, requires minimal props and purchases. Becoming the shade-throwing Kermit requires a green shirt, darker green felt, a white tea cup, and a piece of white poster board. Students can put together this meme in five easy steps.

Step 1– Cut the triangle pattern around Kermit’s neck out of the darker green felt. Make sure to cut the triangles as even as possible and make each triangle about four inches long. The triangles should remain separate from each other.

Step 2– Use hot glue or fabric glue to attach the triangles on the lighter lime green T-shirt. The triangles should lay in a circular pattern around the neck of the shirt. The hot glue will dry within a couple of minutes, but fabric glue will take two to three hours to dry fully.

Step 3– Grab a full sized white poster board and cut it down to a comfortable size so you can hold the sign comfortably. Write the phrase “That’s none of my business…” on the poster board in black marker.

Step 4– (Optional) If you want, grab a Home Depot paint stirring stick and glue that to the back of the sign. This will make holding the sign easier and more comfortable throughout the school day.

Step 5– Last but not least, grab a white tea cup and add a tea bag to the cup. Taping the tea bag inside the cup will make the bag stay in place and not fall out throughout the school day. Take a sip of fake tea and throw all the shade while strutting as Kermit all day.


Rags to Riches

Students will dress their very best or very worst on the Wednesday of Homecoming week. Rags to Riches Day gives polar opposite dress options to students. Options include dressing as an affluent, flashy icon or a worn down, poorly-kept individual.

For an outfit for Riches, students need a white shirt, some transfer paper, some plastic chains and optional sunglasses or any flashy accessory.

Step 1 – Save a photo of a Gucci logo, and print it out onto transfer paper. Depending on what transfer paper you use, you will have specific instructions on how to make sure the logo comes out on the shirt correctly.

Step 2 – Acquire plastic chains and rings from the dollar store. Purchasing real chains and rings for this dress up day, while potentially unwise and expensive, still exists as an option. Wear an assortment of this jewelry on your hands and around your neck to flash your “wealth.”

Step 3 – You could stop at step two or even step one, however, if you want to add a little extra flash and glam, wear sunglasses or any other article or accessory that society recognizes as a portrayal of wealth. Glam yourself out and practice walking with swagger all day for your entrance to the dance on Saturday.


Stunt Double Day

Day four of Homecoming week, Stunt Double Day, allows students to dress in matching outfits with friends. To carry out the theme of the week, the day inspires pairs to create costumes to resemble famous Hollywood doubles. Ideas for Stunt Double Day range from Dylan and Cole Sprouse as Zack and Cody from “The Suite Life of Zack and Cody,” Tia and Tamara from “Sister, Sister,” or simply matching outfits with a friend.

The spooky, famous pair of twin sisters from the Horror movie “The Shining” became a particularly fun costume idea for best friends or twins. This affordable and easy look requires simple essentials. To dress up as the sisters, you will need a whimsical short-sleeve blue dress, a pink silk ribbon, white knee socks, a white round hair clip, and black strap on shoes.

Step 1: Grab a blue dress with a ruffled, flowy look to match the girls in the movie. A dress that fits about two inches above the knees would best resemble the one from the movie.

Step 2: Take the pink ribbon and wrap it around the waist so it rests on the middle of the dress. Tie it into a bow to help recreate the outfit.

Step 3: Next, put on the white knee high socks under the black strap shoes.

Step 4: Finally, take the round hair clip and place it one inch above the ear.


Celebrity Day

For the last day of Homecoming Dress-Up week, Celebrity Day, creates the perfect opportunity for students to express love for their favorite characters, TV shows, musicians, and actors. Mickey Mouse, a classic childhood favorite, works as the perfect celebrity that anyone, young and old, will recognize.

STEP 1: Start by grabbing any red bottoms, such as a pair of jeans, a skirt, or shorts. Cut out two white circles using fabric, or construction paper and place the cutouts over the pockets on the front side of your jeans using safety pins or glue.

STEP 2: A black long sleeve shirt matches perfectly to Mickey’s basic everyday attire. Adding black leggings under the red bottoms helps create the illusion of Mickey’s black fur.

STEP 3: To complete Mickey’s casual outfit, add a pair of yellow or white shoes.

STEP 4: Last but not least, the most important part to the costume: Mickey’s iconic ears. To create this important step, start by finding a black headband. Using black construction paper, cut out two large circles. Fasten the circle cutouts to the top of the headband. This creates the traditional Mickey Mouse ears to finish off the look.

STEP 5: Optionally, bring the costume together by adding a black nose and whiskers on your face using black face paint.


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