Have a Good Cry


Haley Kish

Junior Katie Word reenacts the cover of Noah Cyrus’s first EP, Good Cry. “The album cover is aesthetically pleasing and the music present in the EP fills me with a type of emotion that I cannot express. I can feel that the music is about Lil Xan, however I personally think Miley Cyrus is better,” junior Katie Word said.

Haley Kish, Photographer

Sister to pop singer and actress Miley Cyrus, Noah Cyrus decided to follow in the footsteps of her older sister and join the music business. Growing up, she watched her dad, Billy Ray Cyrus, produce music and perform for crowds of fans. Noah fell in love with how her dad and sister sang and interacted with the crowd, and continued the Cyrus legacy.

Hoping to receive the same love and support her older sister Miley received, Noah Cyrus released her first song “Make me (Cry)” featuring Labrinth on November 15, 2016. “Make me (Cry)” received mixed reviews as people saw Noah Cyrus trying to become her older sister. However, Noah’s music falls under a different category than Miley’s, as Noah mainly focuses on pop music while Miley focuses on both pop and country.

Before announcing the release of her EP, Noah Cyrus and rapper Lil Xan’s relationship resulted in a messy breakup after dating for one month. The breakup followed the release of the music video to their song “Live or Die,” engendering an awkward reputation influenced by Lil Xan.

“[I think that] probably [songs were influenced by Lil Xan]. Their relationship was kinda messy. I felt like their relationship was just to promote their new albums,” junior Niara Minifield said.

After two years of releasing singles, Noah released her first EP titled Good Cry on September 21, 2018 with six songs of different genres. To promote her newest EP, she released “Mad at You” before the initial release of the EP. This EP went from sad to happy, to aggressive and back. Songs like “Good Cry” and “Sadness” consisted of meaningful lyrics with upbeat music in the background. Her first song on Good Cry, “Where Have You Been?” consisted of meaningful lyrics with soft music, and then the song ended with a bang— literally.

“My favorite song would be ‘Mad at You’ because I love how the beginning she automatically yells ‘mad at you’ and I felt like it started off amazing,” Minifield said.

Even though most of the songs on Good Cry consisted of upbeat music and made listeners dance, other songs made listeners hit the skip button, such as “Topanga” and “Punches.” “Topanga” consists of an odd beat and has the quality of a cell phone recording, while in “Punches,” her voice changed tones; she went from singing with a strong voice to singing with an uncomfortable tone for the second verse.

“I believe ‘Topanga’ is the worst song on Good Cry because it doesn’t match the tempo with the rest of her songs,” juniors Maddie Nicholas and Kamayah Richardson said.

Overall, the EP consisted of amazing upbeat songs with meaningful lyrics that made listeners dance and sing along with Noah Cyrus. Although producing songs on the album that made listeners turn it off, Good Cry proves a great first attempt at releasing an EP. The next EP she releases should consist of music that follows the same tempo and flows together instead of putting together an EP with random songs.

The Chant’s Grade: B+