Only Logic(al) to enjoy YSIV


Naoshin Kaiser

YSIV hit Spotify and Apple Music on September 28, 2018. With obvious excitement for Logic’s new releases, fans quickly download the album, along with purchasing their YSIV merchandise to represent their favorite artist.

Naoshin Kaiser, Photographer

The ears of Logic fans opened up for the vibe of Young Sinatra IV (YSIV) on September 28, 2018.  The album consists of fourteen songs and plays into the music written by the famous Frank Sinatra. During his era, Sinatra became one of the most influential artists in the early twentieth century.  

Logic’s music peeks into his past. Logic, formally known as Sir Robert Bryson Hall II, grew up as a biracial boy in Gaithersburg, Maryland—a poorer area within the state. His childhood consisted of drug abuse and violence, which he references in his music to provide fans with personal connections from his past.

Logic became interested in hip hop in his young age with the introduction of music from the Wu-Tang Clan, one of the founding fathers of rap in the late twentieth century. Considering his fondness for rap, Logic started listening to more of the genre but also expanded his range to Frank Sinatra. He, ultimately, became interested in this genre of music and decided to commence a journey in the music industry.

He expanded his music career in 2009, releasing Logic: The Mixtape, and soon after in 2013, he released Young Sinatra: Welcome to Forever.   

As an upcoming artist, Logic used the name Young Sinatra as an alter ego, building a link to his roots. Logic has again incorporated his own style with similar beats to those of Sinatra and Wu-Tang Clan, creating yet another successful album.

Logic’s previous albums, Under Pressure, The Incredible True Story, Bobby Tarantino I and II, and Everybody, all take his own life experiences and issues that society faces into account. YSIV entertains a familiar trip through his past and the obvious personalization of his music.

“I just really connected with his message, being biracial. Overall, this album is a great work of art and very inspiring to me since I’ve been a fan for so long. He never fails his fans,” local Logic fan Andrew Harrison said.

To build up the hype behind the album, Logic released three songs ahead of time, “Everybody Dies,” “The Return,” and “One Day.”  The songs left fans on a cliffhanger wanting Logic to release the entire album. YSIV includes features with Ryan Tedder, Jaden Smith, and the most exciting guests: the Wu-Tang Clan.  

His album portrays classical hip-hop beats from the 80s and 90s along with freestyle raps about Logic’s backstory. These beats play behind the lyrics of the songs “Wu Tang Forever,” “YSIV,” and “Sweet Dreams II.” Other songs on the album play into a vibe that illustrate beats listeners can relax t; these songs include “The Adventures of Stoney Bob” and “Legacy.”

Overall, Logic delivers a jam-packed album to his fans and connects his Young Sinatra roots into his current rapping style. The fans received what they asked for—the old Logic—but his roots still show the real him. He leaves fans filled with peace, love, and positivity.

YSIV is a blend of his boomtrap style and his more pop style, and he created an album fans have been waiting for all while staying true to himself,” Logic fan Mustapha Mboob said.

The Chant’s Grade: A