Staying in this Halloween? Check out these movies!


Tara Anastasoff

Grab a bowl of popcorn, a pair of spooky socks, and a few friends and gather around the big screen to watch these Halloween-time classics.

Naoshin Kaiser, Photographer

To set the mood for Halloween, classic movies await fans who crave a good scare. The movies follow the traditional Halloween themes with goblins and ghouls, ghosts and vampires, and werewolves and witches to channel the Halloween spirit. These movies leave viewers spooked and ready for Halloween.

The Halloweentown Movies

All four of the Halloweentown movies: Halloweentown, Halloweentown II: Kalabar’s Revenge, Halloweentown High, and The Return to Halloweentown create the ideal binge-watching evening. Watching all four of these movies leaves audience members in love with Halloween and all of the holiday’s festivities. The movies include all aspects of Halloween, ranging in characters like a cab-driving skeleton to an eye catching bunch of ghouls and goblins. After all, the town does dedicate itself to Halloween with its name.

Ghostbusters and Casper

Both Casper and Ghostbusters center their attention on ghosts. Reassured within the name, Ghostbusters focus on eliminating the threat of ghosts. Former professors-turned-ghosthunters locate haunted houses, set up a game plan, and lure the ghosts into traps. The service quickly spreads throughout the town, and the ghostbusters encounter different types of ghosts during their endeavors.

While the ghostbusters catch all the troubling ghosts, they cannot catch Casper due to his friendliness and loving reputation. Casper, unlike other ghosts, does not spook people and instead wishes to make friends and one day become human again. When a new family moves into the house Casper lives in, he and the main character, Kat, work together to find a way to make Casper a human again, while Kat finds a way to the hidden “fortune” in a map she finds. Casper’s uncles, Stinky, Stretch, and Fatso make the mission impossible with their nasty scares and manipulative attitudes. Despite the uncles’ negativity, Casper and Kat succeed in completing their wishes with adventure and thrill.


Coraline gives viewers a creepy feeling when watching this animated classic. The movie sets up a plot with a double-reality world; it starts off with catching viewers off guard with the odd characters introduced: the trapeze artist neighbor with a fetish for beets, the downstairs neighbors who obsess over their old days as show girls, and a new kid in town with persistent unwanted appearances. When Coraline decides to explore her new home, she discovers a tiny door that seems sealed into the wall. When night falls, she realizes that the door leads into a passageway. When she reaches the other side, an alternate reality surrounds Coraline.

The movie continues to scare viewers when Coraline becomes trapped in the alternate world. With buttons for eyes, dead animals dancing, ghosts lingering around, and no way to acquire a way back home, Coraline becomes desperate to find a way to clean up her mess.

Monsters, Inc.

Looking for a movie with just a little bit of scare? Disney never fails to treat fans with their amazing productions. Monsters, Inc. provides viewers with an agenda full of adventure and fun. The monsters of the city scare children in order to provide their monster-inhabited town with the necessary electricity. When an unexpected twist sends the main characters, Mike and Sullivan, on a wild goose chase, they soon learn their tactics in scaring reign hurtful and not helpful.

Twitches Movies

Both Twitches and Twitches Too narrate witches and their mystical powers. The movies begin with the reunion of long-lost twin sisters who use their powers to save their kingdom. These two movies pertain to Halloween with their back story of magic and the power of good and evil.

To achieve the ultimate Halloween spirit, these movies rank as just a handful of the classics to watch. Ranging from creepy, to fun, creative, and spooky, all of these movies cater to the Halloween theme and create the ideal playlist for spooky season movies. Let the Halloween-movie binge watching begin.