Tired of Trick-or-Treating? Four alternative ways to celebrate Halloween


Angela Canales

With choices ranging from Halloween Town to Halloween, watching scary movies has remained a Halloween tradition that several people follow annually. Scream-inducing films with friends and yummy snacks could make up the majority of the spooky night.

Angela Canales, Reporter

After years of spending Halloween night scouring various neighborhoods in search of the largest candy bar, the trick-or-treat era comes to a close, along with a large amount of teens’ interest in it. Finding plans to make the most out of Halloween night can seem stressful when trick-or-treating leaves the picture, but with a handful of exciting, spooky fall activities to choose from, teenagers can find a perfect alternative that proves just as fulfilling.

  • Watch scary/Halloween movies

Considered a classic way to spend Halloween night, watching scary movies fulfills desires for that extra boost of spookiness that one may need for this anticipated day. From mildly-scary movies like Mostly Ghostly and Halloweentown, to movies that may keep you awake at night such as Insidious and Halloween, these movies ensure your spooky movie night a success. Splurge on candy and popcorn at the nearest convenience store and enjoy the movie-marathon with friends and family.

  • Throw a Halloween Party

Dressing up in your preferred Halloween costume does not always need to go hand in hand with trick-or-treating. Halloween parties lend the perfect excuse to show out in your Halloween gear without needing to roam the streets for candy alongside sugar-driven children. Halloween parties not only give people the chance to dress up, but also provide the chance to mingle with others, hang out with friends, eat, dance, and celebrate the scariest night of the year in a memorable way. Pose and take pictures with friends in your costumes for the ultimate Halloween Instagram post.

  • Host a Spooky Sleepover

Turning a regular sleepover with friends into a Halloween-themed night can replace the excitement of trick-or-treating with delightful privacy and freedom to celebrate however one may want. Sharing terrifying tales, watching scary documentaries, and baking Halloween-themed treats with friends for this special night could become an annual, go-to Halloween plan. One may consider playing classic scary sleepover games such as “Light As a Feather, Stiff As a Board” and “Bloody Mary” at their own risk to take their Halloween spirit to the next level.

  • Visit a Haunted House

Paying a visit to a haunted house with friends and family will not fail to satisfy your Halloween spirit. Take a frightening walk-through experience of a haunted house as ghouls and horrifying creatures charge towards those who dare to enter. Netherworld, Six Flags’ Fright Fest, and Nightmare’s Gate make up a handful of the various Haunted Houses located around the state, inducing gasps and screams from every corner.

Halloween plans do not seem all that stressful when these amusing alternatives take over the night. From watching scary movies with close friends to visiting Haunted Houses, these activities definitely make up for the excitement lost from trick-or-treating.