Basketballin’ into a new season


Naoshin Kaiser

Sophomores Drew Dodd and Tyler Gorsuch warm up for the basketball season with a quick one-on-one practice. The boys threw free throw basketballs into the hoops of the gym and challenged each other’s skills. The boys look forward to making the team and bringing home the gold for NC.

Julyana Ayache, Reporter

Held on Monday, October 22 and Tuesday, October 23, NC basketball player hopefuls came to tryouts ready and with renewed aspirations.

“Tryouts went well. We do have a nucleus of players returning. We lost three starters, so replacing them would be key. I’m pleased with how the younger players have progressed so far in practice. The hope for the season is to become the best team we can. We might not play our best until January, but that’s the goal,” Head Coach Gorsuch said.

Held from 3:45 p.m. to 6:30 p.m., new and returning players assembled in the new Arena, filled with anticipation for tryouts. To re-engage players in team spirit and mindset, coaches began the first day of tryouts by warming up players with a simple play, called Gonzhea, to refresh both the experienced and newer players. The play resembles a miniature, mock basketball game, with only five players on either side of the court. Gonzhea allows coaches to scope out where potential player skills and weaknesses lie. Five scrimmages followed this activity, each about thirty minutes in length.

“I feel good about the players we have because they show so much potential; our team has really progressed from last year. I also want us to be at least top three and make it to playoffs to go forward. As a player, I want to be a boost for my team, and make us better,” Varsity player and junior Malik Washington said.

Almost fifty boys showed up for tryouts with hopes of qualifying for the varsity, junior varsity, or the freshman team. After Tuesday, the second day of tryouts, coaches cut prospective players, and those remaining attended the following tryout days through Friday, October 26th. Players who stayed after the last cut learned their place on the team on Saturday, October 27th.  

“I think that while we have a young team, we have a high potential for the next couple of years. A personal goal I have this season is to average ten points and five assists, and my hopes for the team would be to finish second in the region and qualify for state,” JV player and sophomore Drew Dodd said.

The newly made teams, ready for an exceptional season, play with great passion and spirit. Bringing in the new winter season, basketball games make their way onto NC’s event calendars. Players prepare for games by attending daily practices and motivating one another to bring out their best on the court.