Kevin Hester: Tackling college after playing football for only one year


courtesy of Kevin Hester family

After joining NC’s football team, Hester’s decision quickly paid off. He received countless offers from schools with a variety of divisions. He got over 10 D1 offers in total. Hester recalls that he was shocked at the amount of offers he received not only from D1 schools but from schools across different divisions.

Lainey Devlin, Reporter, Photographer

NC senior Kevin Hester recently committed to University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, having enjoyed status as a crowd favorite in the NC student section in the past year. Although Hester played football for a short time, he received multiple D1 offers for his outstanding defense skills.

Hester spent his entire high school career on the basketball court despite head football coach Shane Queen begging him year after year to play football. Queen found himself drawn to Hester for a variety of reasons, predominantly his build. Hester stands at 6’6” tall and weighs 252 pounds— the ideal characteristics of a successful football player.

His impressive physique gives him an edge on opponents he faces on the field. Queen also took interest in Hester’s pedigree. Hester’s cousin played football, and Queen saw the same dedication and potential in him that he sees in Hester.

courtesy of UNC Chapel Hill
Hester is excited to start his future at UNC. He received a full scholarship with which he hopes to join the renowned Kenan Flagler business school and become an entrepreneur. Hester wants to create a business to help good kids in bad areas train in athletics to get into college and he can’t wait to start.

Basketball coach Terry Gorsuch played a highly influential role in Hester’s athletic development during his basketball career. Regardless of the short amount of time spent with Coach Queen, Hester notes that his influence impacted his future immensely.

“[Coach Queen] pushed me to do football and it became one of the best parts of my high school career,” Hester said.

That push changed his future. After finally taking up Coach Queen’s offer, Hester joined football and the decision paid off almost immediately. He received his first Power 5—a subdivision of D1—offer on only the eighth day of practice. The offers continued to roll in as Hester became better at every practice and game. He accumulated over ten D1 offers before deciding on UNC Chapel Hill. Some of the other offers included University of Connecticut, Eastern Carolina University, and Kent University.  

courtesy of Kevin Hester family
Kevin Hester spent three years on the NC basketball team playing for Coach Terry Gorsuch. He credits basketball for his agility on the football field. “My agility is my most valuable skill, it’s how I can play so well.” Hester says when asked about the impact of his basketball career.

Hester hopes to begin an entrepreneurial career through attending UNC’s renowned business program. Without any hesitation, Hester committed to UNC for the Kenan-Flagler business school in Chapel Hill, regarded as one of the top institutions in the United States.

After receiving his business degree, Hester hopes to create a business that will change the lives of aspiring, young athletes.

“I would like to run my own athletic training business, but I want it to be for kids from bad areas so they can come train to stay out of trouble. Really, I just want to give good kids in bad areas a chance to go to college,” Hester said.

Hester developed a soft spot for aspiring athletes through his own experience in learning various sports, and he saw the opportunity given to him as a chance to help people who may not get the same fortune.

Hester maintains a positive and uplifting energy which helps to increase morale. He believes one must play with the right attitude to win the game. A positive attitude and high standards for oneself remain crucial whether playing on or off the field.

“He’s a great teammate, he always lifts everyone up and he’s really fun to play with,” junior Harry Ford said.

Hester has made a lasting impact at NC on the football team, basketball team, in the halls, and in the classroom. NC bids farewell to the young football star as he looks forward to the bright future awaiting him at the University of North Carolina.

“I hope to improve the campus by bringing my energy, goofiness, and humor and just by bringing a smile to people’s faces, reminding them to enjoy life,” Hester said.