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Rachel Maxwell

As McCall Primary and Kennesaw Elementary attendees walked out of the theater, the cast of Junie B. Jones said their goodbyes with high fives and warm smiles. Meeting their favorite characters from the show ended their field trip with a bang.

Nati Duron and Rachel Maxwell

Published from 1992 to 2013, the well-read and widely enjoyed book series Junie B. Jones, made a comeback in Kennesaw when Kennesaw Elementary and McCall Primary students attended a personalized showing at NC on Friday, January 25. For months, the theater program rehearsed the show in hopes of impressing the kids with the perfect performance. The children laughed at silly remarks, applauded the singers, and dropped their jaws at the stunts.

“I know my class loved it! They were on the edge of their seats clapping and laughing the whole time. I thought the choreography and tumbling tricks were awesome,” McCall Primary teacher Helena Lofton said.

Senior Isabella Keaton took on the lead role of Junie. B. Jones, and as the young audience watched her struggle through the first grade, they could all relate. Wearing two braided pigtails and signature Junie B. purple glasses, Keaton danced and sang, putting on the show of a lifetime. Never dropping her “Top Secret Personal Beeswax” journal, Jones wrote about every adventure that came her way. From losing her best friend and hating the first grade, to finding new friends and loving school, she never lost her bubbly personality, teaching the young audience to do the same.

Rachel Maxwell
Senior Isabella Keaton performs with the rest of the cast, waving and smiling at the children. The choreography of the musical consisted of contagious, upbeat dance moves. Keaton, the center of attention for most of the songs, perfected the job of captivating the audience as the famous first grader Junie B. documents her year-long journal-writing adventure.

“My favorite character was Junie B. Jones because I loved her outfit and she was funny. I also loved when one of the boys did a flip across the stage. I want to come back and see this show every day,” first grader at McCall Primary Jordan Redman said.

Nati Duron
The cast of Junie B. Jones all stood together at the end of the musical to celebrate everyone’s inaugural performance. Theater teacher Candice Corcoran walked out to greet the kids and saw their happy reactions to all their favorite characters appearing live and on stage.

Audiences from the Friday night and Saturday shows enjoyed the youthful demeanor of the musical. In love with the interaction of the young crowd, Standing Ovation plans to bring the kids back to watch another musical in the future.