Run down on the upcoming track season


Haley Kish

Magnet junior Isaac Stobo prepares to jump over this season with success. After three years of NC track, Stobo hopes to make it to state and improve his time in the long distance events he runs. “This year my main goal is to make it to state and to accomplish this I am not going to get sick since I missed half of the season last year,” Stobo said.

Haley Kish, Reporter, Photographer

Track and field: a sport where athletes choose to run in different events, ranging from sprints to long distance, or compete in a field event like discus or pole vaulting. Track, easily confused with cross country, started off the season with conditioning which began on November 13. Conditioning helps track athletes build their stamina before the season begins and allows runners to test in which events and distances they may express their fullest potential. Athletes who choose to participate in the optional training feel that the two months of conditioning offer excellent preparation for the start of the season.

“Conditioning helps get athletes in shape, making track such a great experience. It makes practice bearable since we know what’s to come this season,” sophomore Bella Van Essendelft said.

The previous season ended on a positive note, motivating coaches to strive for even greater success this year. Head girls’ Coach Michael Dillard feels a new chapter beginning for the track and field program. The upperclassmen from previous years set the bar high for upcoming juniors and seniors to follow, which makes the coaches set high expectations for upperclassmen this year.

We will be led by seniors Jacee Garrett, Rebekah Geil, Naomi Langford, and Daisy Dunlap. I expect these seniors to be leaders of the team like the seniors from last year,” Coach Dillard said.

Head boys’ Coach Jesse Lynch agrees with Coach Dillard, mentioning that the team consists of great leaders who push themselves at every meet and will hopefully make it to the state meet this year. Although track is an individual sport, track falls under the category of a team sport because athletes consistently cheer on teammates despite their skill level. Fortunately, due to an unexpectedly high retention rate, the team did not lose an abundance of athletes from last season.

“Experience is such a valuable trait for any sport, and luckily we will have plenty of it this year. The veteran leadership on the team will help drive improvement among our newer team members to keep our progress going,” Coach Lynch said.

Every sports team juggles varying strengths and weaknesses, and Coach Dillard identifies them for his team and plans accordingly. The team’s strengths include middle distance, sprints, throwing events, and relays. The weaker links include long distance and the jumping events, such as hurdles and long jump.

“These two events [long distance and jumping] are very hard because one requires a lot of stamina and the other needs a lot of explosiveness,” Coach Dillard said.

This year, track athletes and coaches hope to break records, make it to state, and overall improve the track program at NC by gaining new members and growing the team. In previous years, the track program struggled with making it to state and a lack of organizational skills. However, this year and in the years to come, the team hopes to improve on their organizational skills, coordinate practices better, and improve working together as a team.