NC Wrestling takes down the new season


Lainey Devlin

While preparing for state, NC wrestlers compete against other schools’ wrestlers in the district for region duals. Wrestlers train for months to prepare for state, keeping control of their weight, learning new techniques, and partaking in rigorous conditioning. Muscles over mass often defeat an opponent.

Lainey Devlin, Reporter, Photographer

NC Varsity wrestlers put up an admirable fight before losing in the region duals hosted on NC’s campus on Saturday, January 12. While wrestling North Paulding competitors, NC team members lost 45-18, and while disappointed, they moved on from the loss to compete for third place. The NC boys participated in a much closer round that ended at 42-36, but still forfeited third to Hillgrove.

Although NC wrestling did not win the region duals as a team, the opportunity remains to move on to state for individual wrestlers. Varsity wrestlers, such as senior and team captain John Koroly and senior Joshua Okere, vigorously prepare for state competitions.

“[My first match], I went up against North Paulding and beat him like 4-1. My second match was against Hillgrove, I pinned him in like a minute,” Koroly said.

Koroly and Okere, two examples of promising NC wrestlers, improved throughout the season and hope to go to state. Although disappointed in the team’s regional loss, Head Coach Jeffrey Bettis remains proud of the team for their improvement from last season.

“Last year, we were really bad. Even in a year, I’ve noticed a big difference in our wrestlers. We can’t wait to improve more next year and return as the underdog,” Bettis said.

Though excited for the future, wrestlers consider the changes that losing their seniors will bring for the team. On the other hand, JV wrestlers performed well this season and Varsity happily welcomes them to the team.

“Obviously, we’re losing some big players, but our JV is looking really promising right now, and there’s a lot of [wrestlers] who are coming up really quickly,” Magnet junior Tali Porter said.

Wrestlers must train hard to compete against the best of the best, and NC wishes them luck in their training and competing.