Aiming to ace the season


Maddie Powers

With a tough loss in the elite eight last year, the team plans to regain status and improve their overall performance in the upcoming season. “I am excited about this upcoming season we are returning six starters from last year’s Region 3-AAAAAAA and are looking to repeat as Region Champs with an eye towards a state championship,” Head Varsity Girls Coach Andrea Drake said.

Maddie Powers, Archivist

As the tennis team’s new season commences with high prospects and confidence, JV and Varsity players look to their team leaders and medalists for hope and guidance during this season. Interest in the tennis program grew from last year, making it possible to fill a full JV and Varsity team this year. The team also gained new and young potential, Lorenzo Alarcon and Peyton Stack. These two freshman boys made varsity as doubles team starters and will most likely lead next year’s team.

“Tryouts went really well. We had enough [players] to form a full JV team this year, last year we had to scrape together teams and have some swing players, so it was really nice to have an increased interest in the program, especially since we did so well last year,” tennis coach Ms. Porbandarwala said.

The team’s two strongest players, senior captains Kaden Barfield and Blake Williams, helped manage tryouts during the week and will interchange between the first singles line and the second singles line. They act as the team’s leaders, assisting and training the new recruits to play to the best of their abilities. Both boys wish to leave the team prepared and skilled when they leave for college.

“We all guide the way for the younger kids and kind of show them what’s expected when you step out on the court. I’m always up for the challenge [and] I just wanna bring that good energy out when we play and make this last ride the best one,” Williams said.

With the addition of their new courts this year, players’ excitement reaches new levels as they lead up to the upcoming season. Although they expressed gratitude for Legacy Park’s consideration of letting them use their courts for practices and matches last year, the homeliness they feel at NC and showing off their school does not compare. Overall the tennis program strives for region once again, as Williams plans to keep his winning streak and beat his winning time as other players try to keep up.