Why everyone should make New Year’s resolutions


Elyssa Abbott, Reporter, Photographer

As January ends, 80 percent of people abandon New Year’s resolutions. Gym memberships lien inactive and healthy eating runs down the drain. This cycle of creating goals for the year ahead and, sadly, leaving them behind happens to most. So, why should people even continue to make resolutions if they know they will not stick?

For some, they enjoy the tradition of making resolutions. The start of the year offers a new beginning for personal habits and relationships. Others want to better themselves, and find no better time than the beginning of the year. No matter the reason why people make resolutions, everyone should make them and stick to them.

The number one reason people choose to not make a New Year’s resolution? Failure to keep and maintain the resolution throughout the whole year. Although sticking to the resolution may become difficult, the physical act of making goals for the year shows significance. The individual sets a personal challenge, forcing him/her to become a better individual. Resolutions cause people to step back and evaluate their lives and determine areas they can improve upon. They signify a step towards a positive change. Even if the change ends up unsuccessful, it will at least result in a step forward. Setting a resolution brings the end goal of self-betterment closer.

One study found that 46 percent of individuals who created resolutions completed their goal, compared to 4 percent who wanted to accomplish a goal but did not set a resolution. The brain accomplishes tasks by using the “executive function” part of the brain to create goals. No other living being possesses this function, but humans take action by devising a plan. Resolutions also activate the brain’s pleasure centers, no matter the outcome. The action of pursuing a goal makes humans happy. The study also mentions that even more pleasure comes from chasing a goal than achieving the goal.

Resolutions will make the year ahead more manageable and clear. Keeping these resolutions may appear daunting, but the act of setting goals exists as the most important aspect of the tradition. Despite the time of year, resolutions should happen.