Cheerleaders capture hearts with carnations


Madeline Powers

Cheerleaders sell carnations to NC population in preparation for this upcoming Valentine’s Day. While the flowers are lovely and even though carnations represent tradition, sales do not reflect past success. The question remains: do low sales represent a lack of motivation to buy or a negative reaction to the celebration of Valentine’s day in general?

Madeline Powers, Archivist

With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, the cheerleaders try to spread love and compassion through the selling of carnations that they will give out on that special day. The cheerleaders grow in excitement and joy awaiting the opportunity to play the matchmaker or the gift-bringer this holiday.

“We wanted to do a fundraiser that everyone could participate in and what better way than valentine’s day carnations to send to your loved ones,” senior cheerleader Maggie O’Bryan said.

However, the sales fail to reach the heights that they hoped for this close to Valentine’s day. The cheerleaders hope for a peak as the special day creeps closer.

“I think the carnations are going great. We all had a hard time selling but we found those few certain people who wanted to [buy them],” senior cheerleader Shanece Miller said.

The lack of sales surprised many of the cheerleaders considering the amount of PDA in the halls and the various longing stares in the lunchroom.

“I was [surprised] because of Valentine’s Day coming up usually a lot of people participate in buying something for their loved ones but no one was interested that much,” Miller said.

Hoping various couples, people with uncontrollable emotions or those select few feel passionate about giving something special to someone they love will come out in the coming days, the cheerleaders will still continue to try and spread the love.

“I think it’s really nice and comforting to know someone thinks about you a lot and care for you,” senior Aaron Jodesty said.

Students can still buy a carnation for that special somebody and share their love by asking O’Bryan, Miller or any other cheerleader on the team up until February 13.